02 December 2008

What's On People's Minds...?

So Google has added this new do-hickey to their thingy (tech savvy ain't I!) that gives you the most common keyword search results before you are done typing. So I typed in "description of" and this is what popped up. Really!?

This makes me assume the following:
1) People think the Antichrist is among us right now!
2) People think they are going to heaven... soon I assume.
3) People think others are going to hell... soon I assume.
4) People are seriously concerned about how close English actor Robert Pattinson is to Edward Cullen from the Twilight Series. Really!?
5) People wanna know how close current descriptions of Jesus are that way they can compare them for when he shows back up anytime now.
6) People either want to do cocaine or maybe rat somebody out.
7) People REALLY think the Antichrist is among us! NOW!
8) People don't even know what PEOPLE look like.

W... T...


Asylum Seeker said...

There are apparently a lot of religious people, searching like mad for details from their holy books on the internet that they just can't be bothered to actually, you know, find for themselves in the actual book. They need to find an e-preacher, to tell them how to think about the matter. Otherwise, they might wind up raising the ire of the congregation with their heresies and free-formed thoughts and opinions, and what not.

Pandora said...

Hey that was mine! I have NO clue what people look like!

Mandar Malum said...

I agree with Asylum Seeker, Religious people are too lazy to actulay read their flawless book they put so much faith into...