28 February 2009

How Fucking Petty... (Small Short Rant!)

Okay, just ahead of time, before I start this short little rant, I'm gonna warn you that this is a very petty rant over nothing. The real reason I'm putting this down is because I wanna look back at this one day and laugh. So after reading, don't be surprised if you say to yourself, "Oh come on, how fucking petty..."

I'm at work one day on drive-thru window. This guy pulls up and orders and at the very end says, "Oh and can I add a medium order of tater tots?"

I replied, "I'm sorry, we don't actually carry tater tots."

He paused and then said to the person in the passenger seat, "He says they don't have taters tots."

I heard a woman say to him under her breath, "Are you kidding? I've been getting tater tots here since I was little. When the hell did they get rid of them?"

Okay, KFC has never EVER EVER carried tater tots....

Part of me thought that just maybe, despite their seriousness, that this was all a joke. They pull up and it's a man and woman in their late thirties with a couple of young kids in the back. The woman looked annoyed and man looked confused. They said nothing about the tots again and moved right along without a problem.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THEM!!!! I mean, okay, I know, they don't work at KFC but what on GOD'S GREEN EARTH made them THINK that KFC has EVER carried tater tots. I only know of one fast food chain that carries tater tots and that's Sonic and they just recently came up from the south. Sonic has only been in Ohio for like, 5 years or so.

I know, I know, I know. What a petty rant but jesus fucking christ people!!!! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!

27 February 2009

Nancy Pelosi's Daughter Is One Smart Cookie!

So floating about the HBO and Showtime OnDemand Channels, I came across a couple good documentaries made by Nancy Pelosi's daughter Alexandra Pelosi. They aren't amazing but they're worth the forty minutes they each cost.

The first is called The Trails of Ted Haggard and is about what life is like for gay pastor Ted Haggard. You might be feeling a little bad for the guy for just a moment ... but then you realize, even jobless and poor as he is, he's still living a hundred times better than most people are in the world today. Not to mention, when you see him feeling bad and suicidal, just remember how many years he spent making people feel terrible about the things they were doing while he was doing the exact same thing. Perhaps Pelosi wants you to feel bad for Haggard... but I say fuck him. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck him. See trailer below.

So then there's Right America: Feeling Wrong which is just great. It's nothing but republican idiots freaking out about Obama and crying when he won. They go on and on about things like claiming he's gonna be sworn in on the Quran and that he's gonna cost all small businesses their everything. The best line in the movie was this: "There are hard working people out there, and then there are gays."First of all, everything these idiots say might seem like wacko right wing psychos but they are not. Everything they say is completely normal of the republicans I'm surrounded by and bits of the documentary are filmed only miles away from where I live. Oh, and there is also a great part where this woman goes on and on about McCain being pro-life and such. She says how important it is to have a pro-life president and that "what are we gonna do if everyone is pro-abortion and then there's nobody left on earth cos everyone got abortions." (Paraphrase) Oh yeah, cos everyone is just dying to get an abortion. Boy oh boy I wish I was a girl that way I could get pregnant and get lots and lots of abortions. They're so fun! They're like a day at the spa! *Rolls eyes*

Below is the first ten minutes of the documentary which can be seen in full on youtube. The beginning is the best part because it takes place right after Obama won and people are crying and wigging out!

So if you've got Time Warner Cable and you've got HBO, check out their OnDemand channel for some great fun. Be prepared to be very annoyed though. But just remember... Obama fucking won! WOO!

26 February 2009

A Clear Thinking Oasis (Nice Long Rant!)

Sometimes at work I long to be around smart people. Like today, a girl named Tiffany said faggot. She then caught herself and asked if I minded if she said it. I told her, "I'd rather you say faggot than nigger to be honest." She laughed and replied, "Why?" I said, "Because there is more history and hatred behind the word nigger." Laughing even harder, she replied, "Yeah right. Nigger is just fun to say!"

This next thing might seem trivial but it got under my skin. This guy named Josh told me that he didn't know how to view his own myspace page. He knew how to see new comments, but didn't know how to see his own myspace page. Really? Yeah, I know, it's silly. But it amazed me that somebody that age who actually had a myspace didn't have the knowledge to view it.

Later I overheard Josh and Bobby talking and complaining about their homework. I don't know what led to it or what the conversation was about, but I did hear bobby say, "I swear, people are just stupid. I mean, if we evolved from monkeys then why are there still monkeys. It's that simple. And besides, science has proven that all humanity came from two people and that's exactly what the Bible says. As if we needed science to tell us that."

I didn't even say a word because I would have been there all day. I wouldn't even know where to begin with that statement. But then again, Bobby was the one who thought that President Obama was going to be kicked out as soon as they realized he was born in India and that Former President Bush would come back to fix everything he messed up.

And then there's my manager. Yes, I know it's fucky fried chicken... but this guy is an idiot (and is a head manager of a money making franchise!). He cannot spell anything worth a shit. The other day he posted a note about a meeting ... oh i'm sorry, it was actually a meating. A mandantorry meating at that. Apparently if we have any reazon why we cannot attend said meating, we are reqiered to talk to the mangement.

So perhaps I'm being picky. Either way, I thought it was funny... especially since it said that everybody had to be thier (yes, not only did he use the wrong form, he spelled it wrong too). So being the funny guy I am, I wrote a little note on the paper in the office that pointed to the misspelled words and read, "Spellcheck is a blessing. Use it."

Apparently he was so fumed when he saw it that he was seconds from calling me up on my day off and firing me. I guess he calmed down and decided to "have words" with me instead. He told me that he knows that he isn't the best speller, but that I needed to bring these things to his attention because calling them out by writing on the paper makes him look stupid (as if spelling the words horribly wrong didn't already). He also said that "not all of us went to school for computer techonology and know how to use spell check." He's 29 years old people. He's only six years older than me!

Apparently I'm dangerous at fucky fried chicken. I'm a whisteblower! There was this new policy about using paper liners on chicken. The big manager told everybody that liners cost five cents each and that for each one we waste he is taking five cents out of our paycheck (he was being dead serious). I got bitched at for blowing the whistle on this because I knew that these things couldn't possibly cost that much and all I had to do was look up in the cost book to find that per sheet that he claimed was five cents was actually a cool four hundreths of a penny each. So apparently they aren't five cents each sheet... they're 5 cents per 125 sheets.

I talked to big man manager Dan about his lying to crew members about the cost of product (cups, paper, chicken, etc) and told him that morally I found it abhorring (had to explain that word to him). I told him that in the end people will not respect him for lies and that if he wants to lower paper cost that he needs to tell the truth about how it hurts the company and not to lie about it. He told me that he did not agreed and he didn't care if people respected him or not and that the ends justified the means. Whatever. (Oh and big shocker here. This guy who makes his own shedule actively shedules himself to work so that he can get out of church but is apparenlty a devout Christian. Nothing says hypocrite like a Christian actively avoiding followers of his own faith in devotion to God by skipping church every week).

Oh and today, new rule! Apparenlty now we need to have a manager with us with their special manager key before we can clock in or out because we can't be trusted to clock in and out by ourselves. On top of that, we need the manager to issue 10% senior citizen discounts on food. Wow. When I critized this I mentioned how we were told if we clocked in early we would be wrote up and that nobody has been wrote up. I went on to expose the fact that all their threats have proven to be empty as nobody has been fired or wrote up for the miriad of rules that we were warned about (and that everybody breaks on a daily basis). I told them they had empty threats and I was told to "try them." *Rolls eyes*

So anyways, the point of my rant is this. I wish I could say that these were isolated instances of stupidity but they're not. I know this is fast food and these are teenagers but I assure that little chances as these people grow up and branch out. I wish I could say that stupidity was uncommon but it's not. I know there are smart people out there and I know there are educated people too. All three of these people voted in the 2008 election (2 for McCain, 2 surprisingly for Obama). It's days like this that I say to myself that democracy doesn't work. A democratic society cannot flourish and prosper when it's voters are fucking stupid. I would actively support a McCain/Palin presidency if it meant that all the stupid people in America magically became educated.

Usually talk at work does not go past sex and annoying customers. But every once in a while it does and on these days nihilism seeps into my brain like never before. It's like there are forty people all telling me the pen is blue when I can clearly see that the fucking pen is red! There used to be a girl named Kelly who was so smart and so well read. She was my clear thinking oasis and I miss her a lot. Even her boyfriend who volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, spending six months in Hungary building homes for low-income families, was smart. They broke up and he now works at Pizza Hut and she attends university.

I want my clear thinking oasis back. I want somebody to come to my work who can exchange intelligent statements and hypotheses.

Jesus freaks and religious nuts are so lucky. When they are surrounded by people who do not share their beliefs they can simply write it off as evil, sinful, or the AntiChrist. When we intellectuals are surrounded by people who don't understand science, religion, philosophy, psychology, etc etc etc, all we can do is take a pencil to our face and stab stab stab!!!

I often float between this strange dissonance in my desire that I was born during a much more simple time, like the 1400s. Sure I wouldn't have modern medicine, science, or a worldwide view of humanity... but boy would I be at bliss. Knowledge is a burden and sometimes I wish I was just stupid (but not really). Because then the next wish floats in, that I was born in another universe.

In this universe, I like to call it my Madam Butterfly universe, there is no religion, bullshit ideas, or mental laxity. When people want to get philosophical and ponder life and existence, they open up a book or watch a documentary about the natural processes like deep sea life, rain forest diversity, quantum mechanics, or philosophical futurism. They might read Bible tales, but not to take them seriously, but to learn more about primitive beliefs and the human experience. They would read from the Bible, the Koran, Hindu texts, Greco-Roman faith, and more to achieve a sense of man's strange path to understand himself. When they want to get out of the house, they wouldn't go drinking or clubbing. They'd go to museums of art of history or to the local Denny's to discuss literature.

I remember the first time I went to Richard Dawkins' website and saw the subtitle, A Clear Thinking Oasis. Something about it made me feel like I could sense the breeze through my hair as a stood on top of a great mountain overlooking a gorgeous natural scene (perhaps because next to the subtitle happened to be a picture of him doing just that).

Alas, the closest place to get to this is to pull up my ipod and listen to the sweet English voices of Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward as they tell me stories about Abraham, and Moses, and the grasshopper, and the platypus as well as mitochondria and genes of a selfish nature.

25 February 2009

I've Got An Idea... (X-Rated)

How about this? For Election 2012, Republican Candidate Bobby Jindal and Democratic Incumbent Barack Obama fuck to see who wins the White House. Whoever blows the biggest load wins. Ta-dah! I'm a genius... and not that great a photoshop. Lol.

Oh Why Isn't There More!?!?!?!

This was just amazing. Obviously this isn't really Eminem... but I just love this.

24 February 2009

Der Sandmann Kommt...

The newest video from Oomph is finally here! (Yeah, I know, it came out a few weeks ago but the actual single doesn't come out until 27th Feb. Woo!)

21 February 2009

They Can Just Eat My Ass!!!

So I saw Madea Goes To Jail and it was fucking hilarious. I have not seen a movie so funny for years. I really loved Diary of a Mad Black Woman and didn't think any of the sequels would do better but this was simply amazing. There are rarely movies that I could see twice (especially comedies!).

What made this movie even better was the fact that the theatre was nearly packed (Harry Potter and Pirates didn't even have this many people on opening day!). People laughed and cheered and everything. A really great movie going experience overall.

Now, Rotten Tomatoes has given Madea Goes To Jail 32%. Apparently critics don't like Madea because Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Madea's Family Reunion both got lower scores. Well fuck them, they can just eat my ass. S go on, call the po po ho. I ain't scared of no po po ho.

I won't spoil any of the movie but it was all good. From the storyline of Madea to the storyline about the prostetute. Simply hilarious. My favorite part has to be when Madea is arrested at her house. I was a little worried before the movie as often movies tend to put all the funniest parts in the tv-spots and trailers. But the hilarious parts of this movie were all left for the theatre audiance.

Take it from me, I rarely see comedies that I would recommend to other people to go see. See this movie. You'll pee your paints. Believe me, Mandar and Pandora will admit that I am usually extremely critical of movies, especially comedies. This was just so great.

Oh, and there is this really great part in the end where this guy does something great and this collection of older black ladies behind us inthe theatre were saying, "Erhurm! Now that's a man! A-hun!"

19 February 2009

A Thought On Black History

Tomorrow Mandar and I are gonna go see Madea Goes To Jail (see theatrical trailer below... for some stupid reason, there is a teaser for another movie before the trailer for Madea... so no, I didn't put the wrong code in).

Tyler Perry's movie franchise is a strange one. Often dramatic. Hilarious. Heartwarming. Some people say that it portrays a negative view of the southern black community and enforces stereotypes. But unlike Cosby did in the 1980s, I think Perry actually portrays black (specifically Georgian) life in a far more accurate sense with a great balance that isn't afraid to take on tough issues. Hell, Maya Angelou is in the second movie, Madea's Family Reunion. What more do you need!?

Bill Cosby did something very different but I think he failed in avoiding all controversial subjects. He floated his sitcom around in this strange world where racism didn't exist. Althought that's nice, it's not reality. And if we're ever going to get to that reality, we need to address the issues that are still present today. After all, it isn't uncommon for me to overhear people at work or school or wherever talking about "President Nigger."

Now, Tyler Perry's series isn't perfect. And god help me I hate his television programmes, but I really love his movies. When it comes to dramatic comedies, there really isn't anything else out right now that I give a damn about.

Perhaps it's because Madea reminds me of my grandmother from Texas, or perhaps she's just fucking hilarious, but I love her. Below are a few of my favorite scenes from Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Madea's Family Reunion.

I don't really know what there is to say about Black History Month. To be honest, there really shouldn't be a black history month because black history is not black history, it's simply history. Human history. It's a history that we all can learn from and shouldn't dare pretend is a thing of the past simply because we've elected a black president. Hell, America elected a Catholic president once and still people today say they would be afraid to do so again.

It really saddens me how many young people today use the word nigger. At least half of my work says it without flinching. Several of the teenagers I work with are under the believe that "blacks have more rights that whites now days" and "niggers get away with anything because nobody wants to look like a racist." I could understand if someone in their seventies said something like this, but seventeen?

And why do we call Barack Obama our first black president? He's not fully black. In fact, most people aren't fully black. I'm not fully white. My mother is latina and my dad is white... and actually his great uncle is black so what does that make me? Am I white simply because I'm light skinned. What about Barack? If he's 50% white and 50% black, then why does the black part overpower the white part so much that we are forced to calling him the first black president and not the first multiracial president?

Here is a little test that I heard about from Richard Dawkin's "The Ancestor's Tale"...

Below are 10 squares of skin taken from people's faces. Try and guess before clicking on the pictures whether or not the person is black or white. Then see whether the color of the skin really is what determines a person's "color".

On a final note, you might have noticed that at no point did I refer to anybody as "African-American" and there is a good reason. I had my consciousness raised by a friend of mine back when I worked at Sears. She was black and told me that she didn't consider herself "African-American" because she and her parents and her grandparents were all born in America. None of them have even been to Africa. She called herself a black American, pure and simple. And true, we might say, yeah, but her lineage goes back to Africa. But if we say that, then aren't we all African-American's then?

So there's my random rant about black history. Thoughts?

18 February 2009

Nobody Will Get This But Me...

But I wanna look back and remember this one day... lolz.

Fuck You! Lady Gaga!

14 February 2009

Still Can't Get Enough...

Of this fantastic picture. Here's great Darwinistic version. Hahaha. Now this is evolution!

13 February 2009

In Celebration Of...

In celebration of Darwin's 200th Birthday, I'd like to suggest that we all read, "The Ancestor's Tale" by Richard Dawkins. It is one of the most interesting books I've ever read in my life. If this eye opening book doesn't make you make you marvel at the processes of evolution and the accomplishes of science, nothing will.

Ever ponder the strangeness of the platypus and think, "How does this fall into the evolutionary tree?" Ever wanted to know what science has to say about racism and the differences between the human races? Ever thought, "I understand how life evolved and evolves, but how did it start in the very first place."

This book will change the way you think about life, sex, racism, reproduction, and the animal kingdom. Dawkins takes a backwards step from today to the beginning of life on earth a little bit at a time, describing how changes in evolution that created what we are today.

Here's a consciousness raising fact. We are all the product of winners. All of our ancestors were winners because they all succeeded in passing down their genes to the next generation. None of us have any ancestors who were failures, because if they failed, they wouldn't be our ancestors.

If you're poor you can download the audiobook here for free. It's elegantly done by Richard Dawkins and his wife Lalla Ward. If you can afford it, pick it up. My own copy is in the mail right now from Amazon.

12 February 2009

A Fun Blogger Game For All!

I wasn't tagged by anyone with this (whatever that means, i'm new to earth, lol). But I did find this on a super-hot blog called Evolved and Rat/i/onal.

So here's the rules to the game. Try it out, it's rather fun!

a) Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle
b) For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
d) Tag at least 5 people
e) Everyone tagged has to do the same thing (no they don't, actually)
f) Have Fun! (Step f is not required)

"Blood" by Papa Roach
Sounds like me, certainly.

"Send My Love To The Dancefloor, I'll See You In Hell" by Cobra Starship
Lol, sorta.

"Hips Don't Lie" By Shakira
I guess that's true...

"Six to Eight" by AFI
Lol, I don't get it.

"Die Alive" By Tarja Turunen
Oh gawd, I hope not!

"Gekreuzigt (Crucified)" by Oomph
Oh yeah, that's me!

"Been There, Done That" by Emma Bunton
Nice! Really Nice!

"Bless The Child" by Nightwish
Bahaha, that works.

"Boys" by Britney Spears
... okay this is kinda weird.. lol

10. WHAT IS 2 + 2?
"Enough" by Disturbed
It sure is!

"No One Cares" by Atreyu
That's mean!

"Hunger" by Oomph.
Hahahaha, it certainly isn't!

"Damned and Divine" by Tarja Turunen
I'm not saying anything...

"I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry
ROTFL! Holy gawd! This game is evil!

"Te Dejo Madrid (I Leave You, Madrid)" by Shakira
I guess I'm getting married in Spain... lolz

"Over The Hills And Far Away" by Nightwish

"Snegopady (Snowfalls)" by t.A.T.u.
It really isn't... especially right now!

"Zydrate Anatomy" by Repo! The Genetic Opera
Lolz, i've never tried it.

"Deceiver of Fools" by Within Temptation
I sure am!

"The Dope Show" by Marilyn Manson
It is on TV right now? Lol

"The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" by Missy Elliot
This one doesn't work that well.

"Dreh Dich Nicht Um (Don't Turn Around)" by Oomph
Not really, I'm gonna post it as something else, lol.

11 February 2009

Lest We Forget The AntiChrist Superstar!

I am a big fan of Marilyn Manson. Later this year he will be coming out with a new album called "The High End of Low." I'm so pumped to hear the new single called "I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies."

Now his last CD "Eat Me, Drink Me" was really good. But it was short and most of the songs were slow and mellow. I still loved it, but I'm excited for some new shit that Manson has described as being a lot like his older stuff.

So in celebrating Marilyn Manson, below I've complied my top 10 favorite songs by him, as well as my top favorite 3 music videos.

And yes, as strange as it might seem, for the last week or so I've been listening pretty much to nothing but Marilyn Manson and Gokhan Ozen (see post below). Talk about a diverse musical taste!

My Personal Top Ten Marilyn Manson Songs
  1. "Disposable Teens"
  2. "The Beautiful People"
  3. "Rock Is Dead"
  4. "The Fight Song"
  5. " Use Your Fist And Not Your Mouth""
  6. "The Dope Show"
  7. "Coma White"
  8. "The Reflecting God"
  9. "The Death Song"
  10. "This Is The New Shit"

10 February 2009

Random Images 2

Like I said in Random Images 1, sometimes I save images for one reason or another and never do anything with them until I clean up my desktop and find them again. Here are a few.

09 February 2009

Gotta Love Turkey!

Okay, so sure, despite the fact that they do have freedom of religion in Turkey, you will probably be sent to jail for reading Richard Dawkins books or trying to access his website... But just think of the great music you'll be listening to in prison!

I have three favorite artists from Turkey. Tarkan, Nazan Oncel, and Gokhan Ozen. Ol' Gokhan has come out with a new EP this year and I thought I'd share a couple videos by him. Good stuff!*

*warning, must be in the mood to have gay islamic sex to enjoy the music below

08 February 2009

Tudors Season 3! Ahh!! April 5th!!!

Sorry, I think I just jizzed in my pants...

Check out this teaser below!

07 February 2009

Mainstream Media Is Such Shite

Check out what the latest poll on CNN.com is....

Oh and here's a top story on the CNN Political Ticker

I did find a really good media watchdog group that has some insightful articles here. It's called Media Matters and they do their best to correct the bullshit facts that all the major media outlets lie about.

06 February 2009

Oh Big Fucking Deal!

Okay, I don't smoke weed for two reasons. Firstly, I don't smoke anything. Secondly, it costs too much. But despite my lack of smoking, I have a lot of friends that do, and I am a huge advocate for the legalization of marijuana. So I say this whole thing with Michael Phelps smoking a bong is fucking bullshit.

Before I get to that, lets get to some truths. First of all, marijuana is illegal. Alcohol is not. I've had several classes that have explored psychotropic drugs and the legality of them. There is one and only one reason that pot is illegal. Because you can grow it at home. I'll explain more about that later.

So like I said, I'm a huge advocate for the legalization. What horrible things would happen if we legalized pot, you ask? Well to start, the police force would have all this extra time on their hands if they weren't cracking down on stoners. Court rooms would work so much faster because they would have a dramatically lower amount of cases without them prosecuting pot heads.

Next, horrible drug companies would start selling pot. The terrible government would tax it like hell too. Because it would be grown in high amounts and mass produced, it would cost very little to make. Cigarettes have a shit load of ingeredients and cost about $4 a pack. It would cost about $0.23 to product a pack of weed-smokes. For every pack the government would tack on $2 in tax, and the company producing would take $2 in profet, and so a pack of weedarettes would run about $4.23 a pack.

With all that extra money, the weed producing compnay would have huge explosion of available jobs right here in America. With all that extra money, the government could do any of the following.
  • Improve schools
  • Give out a shit ton more government aid for higher education
  • Improve roads
  • Give out extra funds for the research of diseases like cancer and AIDS
  • Research more eco-friendly ways to do everything
  • Give out another stimulus
So, wanna stimulate the economy? Legalize weed!

Oh and so you're saying to yourself, "But isn't weed a gateway drug to really bad things?" Actually, there is sufficient evidence to show that for some people it is, but there is a good reason why. It's because of it's illegality that people tend to move to other things. It comes under the idea of "if i'm doing one illegal drug, why not another." So if it were legalized, it would definitely not be a gateway drug.

But the problem with legalization is this one fact. You can grow pot in your house. Companies would be trying to sell a product people can grow at home. That's one of the biggest reasons against legalization and it's a stupid one. I can crow tomatoes in my house by I still prefer to buy them in the can.

Well, may perhaps you're saying to yourself,"oh but weed is a drug and it's terrible." There is one, and only one other drug out there that is safer than marijuana. And that's caffeine. Everything else is worse. Wanna know that is really bad. Alcohol.

Every year millions and million die from alcohol. Every year... nobody dies from weed.

When people drink alcohol, terrible things happen. They get angry and hit their wife. They fuck their friend's girlfriend and ruin their marriage and friendships. They drink too much and die of alcohol poisoning. They get behind the wheel and hit another car, killing themself and the people in the other car. They get too drunk and angry and take out their gun and go out and kill someone. They drink too much and become alcoholics. They get chemically addicted to alcohol, quit cold turkey and die of shock (it can and does happen!).

When people smoke weed, terrible things happen too. They eat the whole pizza. Their pipe gets dirty. They go through taco bell and annoy the employees. They find star jones attractive (see video below).

Here's the bottom line. When you do too much alcohol, you die. When you do too much weed, you consume the fridge. It is absolutely stupid that alcohol is legal in this country and that pot is not. Alcohol kills. Pot makes The Yellow Submarine more enjoyable.

Okay, so I must admit that pot is not perfect. There are some adverse effects to smoking pot. Here is a list from familydoctor.com.
  • Trouble remembering things
  • Slowed reaction time
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Sleepiness
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia (feeling that people are "out to get you")
  • Altered time perception
  • Increased appetite
  • Red, bloodshot eyes
Is this really anything close to or as terrible as alcohol or cigarettes? Why is it that the legal stuff is worse than the illegal stuff.

I don't drink either. I hate the taste of alcohol and the horrible feeling in the morning when you've drank too much. So if I have to do one or the other, put that beer away, and pass me the bong.

Oh and this bullshit about Michael Phelps is stupid. He could smoke cigarettes and drink 'til the cows come home and nobody would bat an eye. But the minute his lips hit that bong, he gets a suspension and looses endorsement deals. He put out a statement apologizing for his actions and saying it was immature and that he would never do it again. I understand that his agent probably made him say that but honestly, if that were me, I would have said, "Fuck you guys, I'm an adult and I'll do as I please. I like smoking. I did it once. I'm gonna do it again. Mind your own fucking business."