23 December 2008

The New Definition Of Male Obesity

So I noticed that they have been airing christmas-y versions of those Mac Vs. PC commercials. I noticed that they make the cute guy itsy bitsy tiny thin and the geeky guy enormous. I wanted to know for sure exactly how much fatter they are making him. So I decided to measure the following using YouTube.

Live Action (Measured pixels at the waist)
Justin Long (Cute Mac Guy) = 56px
John Hodgman (Geeky PC Guy) = 69px

Here John is 23% percent fatter than Justin.

Christmas Animated
(Measured pixels at the waist)
Justin Long (Cute Mac Guy) = 35px
John Hodgman (Geeky PC Guy) = 99px

Here John is 182% percent fatter than Justin.

So the animated version of the commercial makes John nearly eight times fatter than he is in real life to Justin. Nice. Real nice! Justin is the uber hot skinny boy that everyone loves because he's a Mac. John is the grotesque whale of a fat fuck because he's a PC. Nice! Lets exacerbate this with animation.


Mandar Malum said...

Thats how it goes, here in the united states we make average people out to be hypos.

The Maze Monster said...

I think you meant hippos... lol

Pandora said...

Could you imagine Mylanta in animation form? I bet she would look like a hypo!

Asylum Seeker said...

So is this the distorted criteria by which we say that half the people in the U.S., or is John just wearing a girdle when he is non-animated form? Well, all I know is that we've got some screwed perceptions of bodily health and weight, going in both directions. That's all I can say without reading in too much on them making the stocky Hodgman into an animated human blob.