31 August 2008


So I logged into MySpace today and saw that I had a new friend request. His name was Andrew and he looked slightly familiar. I just figured it was some homo that saw me on t.A.T.u. or Oomph's MySpace page.

Nope. It was Andrew... some guy who was 2 years behind me in school. Well, I was right, he was a homo. A fa-laaaming homo at that. At some point I went on a couple dates with him (back in early junior year). Quickly did I find him to be a very flat archetypal gay teenager. He loved pop and dance music. He loved to get drunk and make out with anyone. Most of all he loved to gossip, gossip, gossip! Clearly, anybody who knows me, knows this is not in the least what I like in a guy. In fact, quiet often I'm very put off by it. What I can't stand most about these guys are their whole "i'm so original nah nnaaahhhnanah" attitude. When, in truth, they are the just the stereotypical high school fag. Oh, I forgot to mention. His goal was to go to college and become a choreographer for Britney Spears.

So after a couple dates it never went anywhere. So later my junior year he started spreading rumors about me. Claiming that I only pretended to be gay so I could get in girl's pants (oh yeah, cos nothing gets a girl to get naked and wet like a guy talking about penis). I pretty much just ignored it because it was stupid. So then for the next two years he and his prissy bitchy popular girls wanted nothing to do with me (which was fine cos I wanted nothing to do with them.) They would stay out late, smoke weed, get drunk, suck dick, and then gargle mouthwash on Sunday morning before going to church (so they could suck more dick in the bathroom).

Eventually he started dating this rather attractive (yet still flaming) guy a year younger than me. This new guy was so far into the closet he couldn't see the light to get out. He was so gay that nobody thought he was (although, those of us with gaydar knew right away). He was a bitch to say the least. Together they judged me. I wasn't good enough for them. I wasn't gay enough for them. I was heavy metal, rock music, rammstein, and anything you'd find in hot topic. They were scared of hot topic, and instead loved their A&F and Banana Republic. They were from richy rich families, so they didn't work (ugh! you might get dirt on your hands!). I worked for what I had. I was simply not acceptable to them. All my friends were straight guys. All their friends were skanky bitches.

So now, nearly six years since they decided I wasn't gay enough to be friends with them. Here I sit, in bed, with a friend request from Andrew. It makes me wonder. He was such a bitch to me in school. He never liked me. He was often afraid of the music that came out of my 1992 Dodge Spirit. So now, suddenly he wants to be friends.

So I thought, okay, lets look at his page. Maybe he's different now days. Here are some excerpts from his page: "the name's andrew. remember it, you'll be screaming it later", " i believe that all things happen for a reason", "i'm a sloppy drunk", "i'm not stupid, i just say dumb things", " blasting urban music is a must", "i heart ranch dressing and salt and vinegar chips", "drama free is the way to be" and best of all, "my motto is "people are always going to talk, might as well give them something to talk about."

Oh and of course... Who is listed at his one and only hero? Nicole Richie. Why!? What on earth could she have done to make him a hero in his eyes? Oh that's right. Nothing. She's done nothing and she's rich. That's a hero to him.

So there I was stuck. Either could either click accept or deny. When it's somebody from high school I usually just accept and never talk to them. This time around. He got denied!

29 August 2008

I Love Michelle Obama

I don't know if it's her sassy black face or what... I just love her.

What Happened To Experience?

Before I forget, I gotta talk about the image I saw at the McCain/Palin event in Dayton, Ohio. A whole buncha fat old white people... OH! and one brotha'! One black guy. Stagetically placed right behind McCain. Yeah, haha. Right!

I think she's a shitty pick. She's been the mayor of a town of less than 10,000 people. And after that, she's been Governor of Alaska for a couple years. What the fuck happened to McCain's gigantic issue of experience. She has far less experience than Obama! So what happens when if they win and McCain kicks the bucket? She's going to run the country. An anti-gay, anti-choice, pro-gun, pro-war .

Furthermore, I think she's making a huge mistake by compairing herself to Hilliary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro (both democrats btw). The reason people liked Hilliary was because of what she stood for (you know, pro-gay, pro-choice, anti-war). You can't just put the skirt (or the pantsuit) on a different woman and say, 'tah dah' here's the next Hillary Clinton.

Now, why did he pick her? Well DUH! because he thinks he's gonna get a bunch of Hillary supporters by choosing a female veep. Not to mention she's young enough to be his granddaughter. Too bad sexists fucks in the south (and north) won't vote now cos they don't wanna vote for a "coon" or a "beaver." Looks like we're getting one or the other either way you look at it. I do have to give McCain a tiny bit of credit (at least more than I give Bush). This election is going to be history making and it's about fucking time. I'm still gon' Barack the vote, don't get me wrong. But I have to say... FINALLY!

28 August 2008

How Very Anti-American

I got a response on a lady's blog that said, "I'm not here to discuss politics. I'm sure God will make sure the president he wants will be chosen."

Wow. First of all, she is talking politics as she was posting about her belief that Barack Obama is a Muslim (which he is not!).

What a completely anti-democratic and anti-American thing to say. God will choose. Wow! Only one vote counting. Sounds like a healthy mix of monarchy and theocracy to me! Now this is where you really loose me on religion. The idea that God will make things perfect no matter what, so why bother vote is bullshit. It's just as stupid as the idea that God will heal me, so forget chemotherapy. What utter bullshit!

My Favorite Types Of Pussy

Nasty Dirty Pussy

Sweet Sugary Pussy

Super Flying Pussy

Mexican Jumping Pussy

Fat Squishy Pussy

Well God Does Have Bad Aim...

A few weeks again this douche from evangelical group Focus of the Family urged Christian's across A'mur'ica to prayer for rain. Not just drizzle... but pouring rain Of biblical proportions. He wanted us to pray specifically for rain on the night that Senator Barack Obama makes his acceptance speech. What complete and total bullshit. If prayer actually worked, I'd be mad. Of course, once he started getting some slack from people for asking for such a stupid thing to be done in the name of God, suddenly it became a joke to him. It was "boyish humor." Whatever. Anywho, so here are, the day before Obama is gonna make his speech in an open air auditorium... and check out tomorrow's weather forecast for Denver, CO.

Looks like God is gonna Barack the Vote this November. Which brings me to another point. Hurricane Gustav is set to hit New Orleans on Monday, possibly devastating the already destroyed city. What great events starts Monday you say? The Republican Nation Convention!? Wow, God must have bad aim. Or maybe this is more punishment. After all, Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment for allowing a lesbian (Ellen Degeneres) to live there. Perhaps this is now God's pissy ass attitude for allowing Ellen to get married. You would think an all knowing all powerful being would simply take out Ellen. Oh no, he wants to take out everybody but Ellen, to punish us for allowing her to live. Wow, talk about a pissy God.

Below: CNN Reports On 'Pray For Rain on August 28th'

27 August 2008

Oh I Hope He Picks Romney

Oh, how I hope that John McCain picks Mitt Romney. If he does, then we'll have 2 rich guys (with so many houses they can't even count) trying to win over a poor middle class. One believes we could be in Iraq for another 100 years. One believes that his underwear is magical and his Jesus is extraterrestrial. I can't wait for the GOP convention!

26 August 2008

"No Way. No How. No McCain."

Go Hillary! Fantastic speech! "You haven't worked so hard over the last 18 months, or endured the last eight years, to suffer through more failed leadership." She has been a class act. Now, for the love of all that is holy, VOTE FOR OBAMA!

Finally Some Pissed Of Democrats!

"Wake Up, America!" shouted Rep. Dennis Kucinich on Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention. Finally! I've been waiting and waiting for some pissed off democrats to finally show how pissed off they are the tragedy known as the Bush Administration. "If there were an Olympics for misleading, mismanaging and misappropriating, this administration would take the gold. We cannot afford another Republican administration." A-fucking-men! Kucinich is finally making feel proud to be from Ohio.

Preacher Fakes Cancer, Blames Porn

Pastor Michael Guglielmucci has been faking cancer for 2 years. He has held money raising efforts to help him during those two years (raising thousands and thousands of dollars). Now he has confessed that he's been faking it all along. Now he wants you to all go pray for him because he's admitting that he's been addicted to porn for the last sixteen years (since age 12). What makes this all worse? His followers are praising his strength to admit his faults. "Everybody is a sinner and he's so brave to admit his sins to all of us and I commend him for it," says one follower. What total bullshit. Just imagine how people would react if a politician had faked cancer for 2 years and then claimed to be addicted to porn (not to mention made money for his fake cancer). People would be livid! But no no no, not when it comes to Mr. Guglielmucci. He's a Christian, which makes him untouchable. That's the true magic of religion. Source

Pink Shoes Raping Bald Man

I'm over at Pandora's house and I look out the window to see a most non-consensual sight. A fat chick in pink shoes with her skinny boyfriend. Okay, that's not the bad part. The bad part was that she was like sticking her finger up his butt. Now this is in front of a gas station might I add. So the man goes running down the hill (strangefully playful), and she goes running after, her cum stained white t-shirt flailing in the wind. As fun and nice as this is... all I have to say is... 'uet!

Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams

Tomorrow the new album from Solange comes out called Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams. Okay, I know that at first you might be thinking, 'ugh, not Bouncey's little sister.' Well cast away all your preconceived notions about Solange and take a listen. This is perhaps one the best CDs I have heard all fucking year! It really takes you back to some the best R&B and Soul from the seventies. She sounds absolutely nothing like her sister or her terrible first album from 2002.

When I first heard, I Decided, I liked it lot. It really had an old world soul to it that really spoke to me. But when I finally got my hands on the entire thing, I was blown away. The best tracks are God Given Name, Dancing in the Dark, Sandcastle Disco, Would've Been The One, and of course I Decided Pt. 2. Also, if you get a chance, download Fuck The Industry from her Myspace page. It's amazing.

If you can afford the CD, buy it! If you're poor like me, check out this link.

Now when it comes to her music videos. She's so fucking beautiful. I've never been so close to going straight in my life. This is one gorgeous woman (way better looking than Bouncey).

Solange ~ Sandcastle Disco

25 August 2008

"But What If You're Wrong?"

First of all, I'm an atheist. By atheist, it means I don't believe in God because I see no evidence for the existence of a magical invisible friend and father. At heart, I'm a scientist. This means that I accept things that can be proven by math or by means of reproduction. Today science and atheism are becoming swear words in United States. Most people say to me, "If you don't believe in God then why do any good?" Well, like nearly all other atheists, I embrace altruism. I do not need a greater power to tell me what is good and what is bad. If it is only religion and God alone that make a person do good things, then isn't that deeply depressing. I certainly hope that there is something more stopping a preacher from murdering than simply that somebody is watching.

When I was much younger I regarded myself as atheist rather quickly. I went to church with my grandmother and the Sunday school teacher told me that the earth was only 6000 years old and that all of us came from Adam and Eve. What race were Adam and Eve? If there were only two people who started life, and they had three boys (Cain, Abel, and Seth), then how did more children come?

I have to give a small amount of credit to my father who at a very early age instilled in me a love of science and history. By age twelve, I was extremely well informed on the subjects of evolution, biology, computer technology, and animal life preceding the cretaceous–tertiary mass extinction. I recognized that there were libraries of books and documentaries filled with scientific evidence and that only one dusty old book contained anything about Adam and Eve. I became an atheist because religion was silly and science was fascinating.

When I became a teenager I learned quite quickly that the word 'atheist' was a bad word. I knew that for sure Christianity was bullshit, but perhaps there was more in the world of religion and spirituality. From age fourteen to age twenty, I explored everything. Mormonism, Scientology, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Wicca, and every little sect in between. I found that Judaism was not as bad as Christianity and that Islam was a hundred times worse. I found that Mormons and Scientologists worshiped aliens from documents written by fiction authors. I found that half of Buddhists or Wiccans were only trying to seem different or exotic, and that those who were honestly Buddhist or Wiccan were just lovers of nature, earth, and mythology. When it came down to it, they were far more agnostic.

After all this searching, I found not a single shred of proof for god outside ancient writings and hearsay on miracles. It started to make sense to me. The only reason I thought God might exist was that the universe was complicated and surely there must have been something to create it. However, this is really only circular logic. If there is a God who created such a uncomprehendingly vast and complicated universe, then surely God must have been created by something even more complicated and so on and so on.

One day, I got fed up. I was so tired of Christian bullshit. So tired of the Christian community fucking up people's lives because they think god wants it to be that way. I went online and wanted to join a Christian bashing club. I figured, surely there must be some people who want to bash Christians as much as I do. What I found were not angsty teenagers, but extremely intelligent scientists, philosophers, and educators who were fed up with the amount of power and credit given to organized religion. I came across a really smart man named Richard Dawkins who had just published a book called The God Delusion. I went straight to my local library and read it in less than half a fortnight.

It opened my eyes up to what I was and what I knew I was underneath it all. I am an atheist. You've always been told that being an atheist is a bad thing. But in truth, we are all atheists when you think of all the religions of the world, I just take it one god further. Being an atheist means that I believe that all people diserve help in the world, not just those who have the same beliefs as me. It means that I believe that man and animal are equal and should be treated as so. It means that I use science and discovery to choose what I think about the universe. It means that when I do something good, I'm doing it because I want to do it, not because I'm trying to appease a god.

So does that mean that I think life is bleak existence with no purpose. No, it means that I believe life is teaming with beauty and elegance. You can look at the complications of protein synthesis or to the simple fact of evolution by means of natural selection. It is far more awe inspiring than any 'miracle' that is been claimed in the name of God. The purpose of life is to enjoy the one you have; to make it your best. After all, your mere existence is shockingly rare. Most people never get the chance to exist at all. A truly wasted life, is one wanting and hoping for a more perfect second life, when so few actually get one.

When it comes to God, I'm not 100% he does not exist. I am also not 100% sure unicorns don't exist, but I operate my life under the belief that they do not. Christians and Muslims claim that God is all knowing and all powerful. If he is this, then he surely cannot be that concerned about whether or not I eat pork, work on Saturdays, or what I do with my penis. I operate life in the idea that it does not matter whether or not God exists. If he wanted us to know he is there he would have proved it and cast away all doubt. My god is the god of universal constants such as gravity, evolution, physics, biology, chemistry, etc. It's funny, a friend of mine once said, "It makes me laugh that you know so much about Christianity and religion yet you don't believe a single word of it." It's precisely because I know so much, that I don't believe.

In a later post I will go into further detail on why organized religion is wrong and why it is far more destructive than productive to the future and existence of the human species. I end this post with a very short clip of The God Delusion's author Richard Dawkins' response to a question I have received time and time again, "But what if you're wrong?"

24 August 2008

Oomph - "Labyrinth"

So where did I get the idea for naming this blog The Labyrinth?

23 August 2008

Welcome To The Labyrinth

So what can you expect as you make your way though the endless expanse known as the Labyrinth? Pretty much anything. I've got an extremely diverse musical taste which I will be expanding upon throughout the posts. I have a strong abhorrence for organized religion. I'm extremely liberal. I love science so much I sometimes get wood thinking about it. I love movies and books (however I can see them as two different mediums so I won't be bitching about movie adaptations). Random things are bound to appear as you look about as well. In general I'm a sucker for anything to do with kitties (especially kitties that eat spaghetti).

As for my life, it pretty docile. I'm perfectly satisfied in my love life so there is almost never drama in that department. Usually any life drama comes from my close and extended family. I'm currently in the major of pre-law so I'm pretty well up on law and politics (which of course will be discussed here as well).

So that's pretty much it. Hope you enjoy your journey though the Labyrinth of my mind. If at any point you would like to exit the Labyrinth, simply send red sparks into the air with your wand and you will be swiftly taken away.