21 December 2008

Oh Yeah! This Makes Sense...

This is a poster for the new Ice Age movie coming next year. Apparently they've decided that the next one will be when the dinosaurs take over the world...

Strange, I didn't know that the Ice Age movies were set in a universe where times goes backwards and species de-evolve.

Dinosaurs: Went extinct 65.5 million years ago.
Sabor-Tooth Cats: Went extinct 9000 years ago
Mammoths: Went extinct 4500 years ago.

No why in the fuck are dinosaurs attacking Sabor-Tooth Cats and Mammonths!? Does nobody over at 20th Century Fox know that it's after the Dinosaurs went extinct mammals evolved rapidly to form (in the fullness of time) cats and elephants. Didn't anybody say to themselves, "Hrmm, wait a minute. Dinosaurs went extinct tens of millions of years before Sabor-Tooth Cats and Mammoths ever walked on earth. Maybe this is a dumb idea..."

It's not like these two types of animals were thousands of years apart... but MILLIONS! Millions and millions and millions of years. 65.5 MILLION! Worst of all, I have been looking online and very few people seem to have picked up on this HUGE mistake. What the fuck.

Now, here is Jesusland ::cough cough::, I mean America, it won't be that big of an issue. But over in educated countries like England, France, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Canada, Austria, Ireland, Latvia, Norway... and so on, where the studios want to get international moneys, there might be a fucking issue.


Mandar Malum said...

The thing you've got to remember is that The Ice Age, Dinosaurs, Mammoths and such is all just fantasy. These things obviously never really existed, because they happened long before the Earth was made by God... And all the proof that says otherwise was planted by the Devil, so naturally there was no order of events in a time that never existed. (that's me speaking for Jesus land)

Asylum Seeker said...

It's not like they actually care. They just want money. Also: any form of time measurement is, in of itself, Satanic. Just an addition to Mandar's post.

llewelly said...

It's a sequel. 90% of movie sequels are entirely about ruining your fond memories of the previous movies.