30 November 2008

...Down With The Sickness?

So it's day five of my sickness. It all started at Aurora's house the day before Thanksgiving. We were playing Wizard and I had a terribly running nose. Thursday it hit like hell and I could barely enjoy any of the amazing food. Friday was probably the worst. All the symptoms culminated together that day. Saturday I was able to get over my runny nose and stuffy face for the most part but by the end of the day my cough was horrible. So here it is, Sunday, and my cough is worse than ever. My abs hurt from all the coughing but I am starting to get some of my strength back. It hurts to cough so much that I have to hold my stomach to get through it. Needless to say I'm still in no fit state to work.

So when I got up I realized that I was going to have to call off again. I was only scheduled two days this week because usually people aren't in the mood for poultry right after Thanksgiving. So when I called I asked for my schedule for next week too (in which I don't go back until Wednesday), my new manager told me that if I call off again then I will need a doctor's note. A doctor's note!? For fucking KFC!? For a fucking cold!? Are you kidding me? I don't need to see a fucking doctor for a cold. They can last up to ten days and only in rare situations need attention from a doctor.

A doctors note would cost up to $600 dollar for me because I would have to go to the emergency room which is extremely expensive. I can't go see a regular doctor because nearly all doctors in our area now require a person to pay in full up front if the patient has no health care. KFC offers no health care to it's employees and thus I am one of the millions of American who has none. I could go get it myself without the help of an employer which would cost at the lowest price I've seen, $186 a month. I can't afford that. Further more it's terribly shitty health care that covers very little.

Of course there are two great evils in the world that would give me health care. If we passed a national health care service then I would have a least minimal health care that would allow me to visit a doctor without paying out the ass. Also, if same-sex marriage was legalized then Mandar and I could officially get married and I'd be covered under his health care as a spouse. Either way, I'd be covered but since NHS and gay marriage are evil, looks like I'm fucked until Spring of 2010 when I graduate.

Which brings me to my final thought. Even if I had health care, I wouldn't go to the doctors for a fucking COLD!

Oh and I guess I missed a completely valid point... My boss wants me to come into work while I'm infected with an extremely contagious disease! I should have gone in. I should have went in and coughed on everybody that way half the crew (and my douchy manager) would be sick for the next week thanks to his assholiness. Does he really want me to come in with a contagious desease and serve food to the public?

29 November 2008

Created By A School Teacher?

Okay, so I haven't been focusing on my other writing because I've been on my deathbed for the last three days. I usually get about there colds a year. Two of them are very mild. One of them is deathly. This year the deathly cold came on Thanksgiving day, which sucks because I had my deathly cold at the exact same time last year. The only silver lining is that because it came during the holiday I have only so far had to miss one day of work.

So while texting Pandora the subject of Airborne came up because her boss swears by it. Well she's a dumb bitch (the boss, not Pandora).

Now, Airborne marks itself as a "dietary supplement" that stops you from getting a cold. They actually don't specifically say that because for them to do so they'd have to prove it to the FDA. They market it as a "dietary supplement" because that's all it is. It contains vitamins and that's it. All it does is provide the taker with an extra boost of vitamins that their normal diet wouldn't have. However, if the person taking the Airborne usually takes a multivitamin already, then the effects plateau. You would have just as good of a result with a Flintstones vitamin.

But here is the underlining problem. Airborne, in general, isn't dangerous. However, it can be. It has dangerously high levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which can cause dizziness and diarrhea. By the big problem is not the diarrhea you might get. It's the fact that people are not only taking, but "swearing" by fake medication (that cost way to much to boot!).

So you might be saying, "What about when my doctor proscribes a placebo?" Well the biggest difference is that when the doctor prescribes a placebo, he knows it's a placebo. Furthermore, a placebo is cheaper than Airborne. A placebo is not something to take over the counter. It's something a doctor proscribes knowing that the disease that they are fighting can be improved by the work of a placebo.

My finer point is this. It's a scary world we live in today when a fake pill can be sold over the counter that claims to stop people from getting a cold. What's truly scary is that people continue to take this because of anecdotal claims of it's effectiveness rather than tried and tested scientific double-blind tests which has shown it to be ineffective. Before you know it, all the tested medicine will be replaced by bullshit concocted by school teachers who just "swear" by it.

Which leads me to my last point. It was created by a school teacher!? I daresay that nobody, NOBODY should ever take a pill created by a fucking school teacher. Are you kidding! I wouldn't dare ingest any medicine that was not created and tested by chemists and medical professionals. What on earth possessed this crazy bitch to think she could make medicine.

An article for further reading can be found here.

PS: A class action suit has been filed against Airborne for it's false claims.

24 November 2008

As It Goes...

When I'm not writing here. I'm writing somewhere else.

15 November 2008

My New Favorite Quote

"America is a lot like Jessica Simpson; she's pretty dumb and sometimes embarrasses you... but damn look at them titties!" - Bill Maher

14 November 2008

Everyone Likes A Good Jab At The Pope

George "Dubya" Bush & Li'l Cheney

How disturbing is this! I had MadTV on while I was cleaning the house and this video came on from an old episode back in 2000. Ugh, Dick Cheney is a creeper.

Almost as disturbing, here is a more recent MadTV video about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

I Have Committed A Woot!

So there is this great site called Shirt.Woot where you can go to purchase cheap shirts for only $10. The shirts are all uniquely designed by average people who submit them for choosing. Every day there is a different shirt and everyday it's only $10 and that includes shipping!

Well, finally they came out with a shirt I really liked and I just had to buy it. It's kinda creepy and kinda cute. It's called "Hey wait up... you are my best friend."

For ten bucks! Can't beat it!

13 November 2008

Change You Really Can Believe In

Man! Had I known I could have gone this way I wouldn't have voted for Obama.

Osama Bin Laden...

Will be caught before January 19th, 2009. Gotta save the name of the Bush presidency somehow...

12 November 2008

Some Horrible Movies Are Amazing

I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing that guy scream "MORTAL KOMBAT!" just before the totally gay techno music sets it while the larger than life video game characters fight. Last week Mandar and our friend Gary watched "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" on DVD. It was amazing. Sure it's a horrible plot, terrible graphics, and sub-par acting. But for some reason I still love this movie. Maybe because during the 90's I was obsessed with the Mortal Kombat franchise. This reminded me how much I love it so much that I totally ran straight to Wal-Mart to purchase Ultimate Mortal Kombat for Nintendo DS. Love it!

Oh and just for shits and giggles, I checked out Rotten Tomatoes to see what it's rating was there. 4%! Haha. That must be a typo. Cos' I'd give this shiz a 94%! Come on people. It's pretty amazing and you just don't wanna admit it.

11 November 2008

Isn't This Format Getting Old?

Okay, so after one long rant about a lack of originality here is another. Fox is coming out with yet another show from Seth McFarlane, creator of Family Guy. Now normally, I would have nothing but great things to say about him. He's an open atheist. He's extremely liberal. He's very pro-gay rights. He's funnier than hell. And he created Family Guy (as well as does the voice of Peter, Brian, and Stewie).

Well to begin with, Family Guy is very much a bit of a rip of the Simpson, however Seth managed to take the format and totally make it his own. Grade A there. Then he created American Dad which is to say the least, okay. To be honest, the only time I ever really laughed was when Stan was stoned at a 7/11 and said, "Why is there a leopard on this bag of Cheetos?"

So then I heard that there was going to be yet another show from Seth at Fox; a spin-off of Family Guy called The Cleveland Show. Now, I love Cleveland. He's one of my favorite characters so I had real hope and to be honest I will still probably love the show. But seriously, Seth! Get a new format! Do we really need the following in every show?

1) Silly often stupid father
2) Sexy MILF of a mother
3) Teenage daughter with headband/hat
4) Younger son with identity/weight issues
5) Quirky feminine Infant/Alien
6) Talking pet

I swear, Peter's wife Lois and Cleveland's new wife look like they're body doubles with a different skin tone! Again, I'll probably watch it and love it. But serious, Seth! Seriousy!?

No Virginia, There Is No Santa Claus

You know what I don't get. Okay, lemme start over. I just saw a commercial for Macy's with lots of celebrities saying things like, "There is a Santa Claus" and "Without Santa Claus, we have no hope in the world."


That sucks, because I don't believe in Santa Claus and in fact I'm willing to bet nearly 98% or more of all adults don't believe in ol' Father Christmas.

So this makes we wonder, why is it that parents go to such lengths to make their kids believe in some fat jolly guy who brings presents to good kids for no good reason? Why is it that we must force children into believing bullshit knowing fully that eventually they will find out the truth. The amount of years that kids believe in Santa Claus is usually 2 or 3. Why in the world do parents do this?

Well let me tell you something, if I had kids I would NEVER tell them that Santa Claus is real. It's a bold face lie, period. We all know that the kid will eventually accept that there is no Santa, so why tell them there is one to begin this. It's utter bullshit.

Can't we teach kids that they are getting gifts from their parents because they love them and want them to be happy, not that some fat guy who doesn't know them is gonna break into their home and leave questionable wrapped packages under a killed tree (or a fake one, depending).

When I was a kid my parents honestly wrapped presents "From: Santa Clause." I remember at an early age saying something to the effect of, "Really? Isn't it better for me to appreciate the gifts that my parents purchased and wrappted for me rather some made-up guy?"

I say end the father Christmas delusion! Teach kids about family, togetherness, good will towards men or, I dunno, maybe even the story of Christmas. Fuck the bullshit lies that parents force down their kids throats. Can't we be honest to our kids FOR ONCE!

Because This Past Election Will Never Get Old

I will never tire of the humor that came from this last election. I found some great images from punditkitchen.com that I love. Check 'em out!

10 November 2008

Is Anything Original Anymore?

So last night Mandar and I watched the first episode of The Legend of the Seeker. It's a new fantasy show on WGN America that looked like it would have some potential. We had DVR'ed it and had it sitting on there for a while. Now, first of all the show is based on the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind. There are currently 11 novels in the series which means that if the show does good it could be on for a while.

To start with, the show began with this long chase scene with some girl and her sister. Her sister dies and then the one girl opens up a magic portal with some magic stone thingy. It's okay to start. The very next seen we see the protagonist "Richard Cypher" wearing hardly anything at all, making a bridge.

Now to start, he is quite gorgeous but the problem is that it is so obvious that they had to throw in a shot of him shirtless and stretching right in the beginning to keep the interest of women and queers. I wasn't swayed. In fact, I was a little offended that they would be so blatant with their gratuitous semi-nudity.

This whole thing seemed kinda familiar. I was reminder of a scene from the Eragon movie where it's lead hot protagonist shares a less than one minute scene meant only to show him removing his shirt and showing of his hairless and firm body. Nice to look at. But completely gratuitous.

So then the show started to progress. The majority of the plot is pretty nondescript and quite generic. I love how Richard can suddenly slow down as he jumps in the air to attack thought. Very realistic.

Later in the show the girl is gone and the bad guys are trying to find the boy (who manages to keep his shirt on throughout the rest of the show). Richard apparently wants to know more about the girl, and his father tells him to talk to the strange and mysterious man who's been mysteriously around ever since he was born ::cough cough, star wars. cough cough::.

So he goes up and then meets the old man and the girl. There is some arguing and then it's revealed that Richard is the 'seeker' or 'the chosen one.' The girl has this book which is written in another language and Richard says, "I can't read this." She responds, "Look again, the chosen one can read it." He looks again and says, "Oh, I can!" Wow, can I have some wine with that cheese? I'm honestly amazed that the actors can keep a straight face saying these lines.

The lines are so terrible that I had trouble paying attention. I thought, give it time, it'll get better. It didn't, in fact, it got way worse. We learn about this evil bad guy named Darken Rahl. I'm sorry, but if your name is Darken, then you're just destined to be an evil lord. Seriously? Darken Rahl?

At some point the old wizard guy tells Richard that his father isn't really his father. Apparently there was a prophecy of some sort and he doesn't know who his real father is (remember this little fact for later in the post).

So like the archetypal reluctant protagonist, Richard decides that he just can't be 'the chosen one' or the 'seeker' so he leaves and goes home to live a peaceful normal life. Oh no! His home is being burned down and his father ends up dying. Oh no! His father confesses on his death bed that he isn't really his father. Oh no! Who ever saw that coming!?

The rest of the episode is pretty much just Richard deciding that he has to live out his destiny as the seeker that way the prophecy comes true and such. Snore.

This morning I hadn't totally given up on The Legend of the Seeker. I was kinda curious if there was any fan art of Richard Cypher to see if this stud playing him looked like he was described in the book. I typed in 'Richard Cypher' into Google and clicked on the Wikipedia link which had him down as "Richard Rahl (aka Richard Cypher)." Apparently sometime in the 11 books, Darken Rahl (evil bad guy) is revealed to be Richard Cypher's father!!!

Are you fucking kidding me? Is there anything out there that hasn't ripped off Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? I thought Eragon was bad! The problems with Eragon and Legend of the Seeker are so bad that I don't even know where to begin. So here's a nice little chart.

What is so annoying is that both authors of Eragon and Legend of the Seeker have openly stated that they were inspired by Star Wars. What the fuck! If you're gonna steal the plot from a movie, don't call it your greatest inspiration!

So I give up on Legend of the Seeker. The only good thing it has to offer is an attractive guy playing the lead role, but I can just as easily look up images of him without wasting my time watching the show. Thankfully there are a few things out there that are original. Harry Potter may have borrowed scenery and themes, but it's main plot is original and new. Even more original is the His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman. I shall cling to them, along with Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings, as the original originals. For every penny shelled out for the piles of plagiarized filth of The Legend of the Seeker and the Eragon series, I die a little inside.

09 November 2008

Turns Out Common Sense Ain't So Common

This girl at my work asked one of the trainers how to clean the coffee pot and machine. The trainer explained how to shut down the machine and then told her to wash out the pot itself. The girl responded, "Do I need to dump out the coffee too?" The trainer responded, "Well, that's really up to you. However, I'm not sure how you're gonna clean the coffee pot with the coffee still in it."

05 November 2008

President Barack Obama

Barack Obama won the presidency. I was 96% correct on my assessment from months ago. See the post below for the way I reacted to the news as it came in throughout the historic night of November 4th, 2008. Now, can somebody please inform Firefox Spellchecker that "Barack Obama" is not a spelling error.

Election 2008 Live Blogging!!!

6:00pm - First polls closing. Live blogging has begun.

6:12pm - Testing blogger.

6:17pm - CNN has some new magic thingy that makes us see a 3D version of the White House with lots of other shit flying around it.

6:19pm - First numbers in! So far McCain is slightly ahead in Kentucky. Big shock there.

6:27pm - Obama so far leading in Indiana.

6:36pm - Things are starting to level out in Indiana with nearly 20,000 reporting. Eek!

6:38pm - What the fuck? Why is Fox News advertising on CNN?

6:42pm - God! CNN workers are so fucking proud of themselves…

6:47pm - Anderson Cooper is such a homo...

6:55pm - Wow, the pundits are getting bitchy.

6:56pm - I'm surprised to see Kentucky evening out a bit.

7:00pm - Lots of other polls closing. South Carolina, Virginia, Vermont, etc.

7:00pm - Well 0% in and CNN projecting Obama wins Vermont.
Correct with my assessment.

7:00pm - And 10% in and CNN projecting McCain wins Kentucky.
Correct with my assessment.

7:03pm - CNN has so many magical boards.

7:05pm - Virginia picks up a Democratic Senator.

7:08pm - McCain slightly ahead in Indiana. Eeeeek!

7:12pm - Ahh! Now Obama is leading by one point in Indiana.

7:14pm - 1% in on Virginia and McCain is leading. Eeeek!

7:15pm - What the fuck. Why is CNN showing off so much? Talk about tooting your own horn!

7:16pm - I've decided that CNN is the devil. They've got some magical way to beam people in like Star Wars people.

7:17pm - Ahhh, McCain is back in the lead in Indiana.

7:18pm - I love how Obama has won Vermont yet 0% of votes are in.

7:25pm - This is so stressful. McCain seems to be in the lead everywhere! Ahh!

7:26pm - John King has just explained that Rural counties are the ones that are coming in first and they are often conservative. Hope is restored.

7:30pm - North Carolina, Ohio, and West Virginia are now closing their polls.

7:31pm - Obama big lead in Florida at 1% reporting.

7:34pm - Wow, I just went to the Fox News website and they have a much better map to play with that shows counties.

7:39pm - If Wolf Blitzer tells me one more time he's doing the math for me I'm gonna plotz!

7:40pm - Obama currently at 1% is winning the popular vote.

7:42pm - How the fuck did Bob Barr get 10,000 people to vote for him?

7:45pm - Nobody can hear that dizzy cow, CNN!

7:56pm - CNN projecting that McCain will carry South Carolina.
Correct with my assessment.

7:58pm - A shit load of new states will be closing in a couple minutes.

8:00pm - CNN projecting that Massachusetts goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

8:00pm - CNN projecting that Illinois goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

8:00pm - CNN projecting that Conneticut goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

8:00pm - CNN projecting that New Jersey goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

8:00pm - CNN projecting that Maine goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment because Maine is not a winner take all state. I predicted 1 vote for McCain and 3 for Obama and it looks like that is how it will go.

8:00pm - CNN projecting that Delaware goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

8:00pm - CNN projecting that Maryland goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

8:00pm - CNN projecting that District of Columbia goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

8:00pm - CNN projecting that Oklahoma goes to McCain.
Correct with my assessment.

8:00pm - CNN projecting that Tennessee goes to McCain.
Correct with my assessment.

8:03pm - Pandora states that she loves my live blogging.

8:04pm - Obama seems to be keeping his advantage in Florida.

8:08pm - I kinda want some pretzels now that John King has told me to break them out. Maybe I'll have some popcorn...

8:19pm - Pandora shocked to find out that Anderson Cooper is gay and is dating Jonathan Chase.

8:23pm - Grrr! The Fox New Map keeps fucking up!

8:29pm - Had to pee, poop, get popcorn, and a soda pop.

8:31pm - CNN projects that New Hampsire goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

8:36pm - Florida in at 36% and Obama still doing well!

8:39pm - CNN projects that Pennsylvania goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

8:47pm - Fuck Fox News and their shitty map!

8:54pm - Haha dumb cunt Dole lost! Woo!

8:58pm - CNN projects that McCain wins Alabama.
Correct with my assessment.

9:00pm - CNN projects that Rhode Island goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

9:00pm - CNN projects that Michigan goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

9:00pm - CNN projects that Wisconsin goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

9:00pm - CNN projects that Minnesota goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

9:00pm - CNN projects that New York goes to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

9:00pm - CNN projects that North Dakota goes to McCain.
Correct with my assessment.

9:00pm - CNN projects that Wyoming goes to McCain.
Correct with my assessment.

9:06pm - Amen to this old guy. Fuck the Bradley affect. The country (in general) has grown up.

9:12pm - CNN projects that Georgia goes to McCain.
Correct with my assessment.

9:23pm - CNN projects that West Virginia will go to McCain.
Correct with my assessment.

9:25pm - Who the fuck is this douche singing? Get him off here! Born to boogie my ass!

9:34pm - CNN projects that Ohio will go to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

9:35pm - The election is over. All hail,
President Barack Obama!

9:39pm - Oh my God. According to CNN, the McCain rally in Phoenix has turned off the news and is listening to country music instead. What's wrong? Bad night to be a republican huh?

9:41pm - Damn, looks like there won't be a casino in Ohio.

9:48pm - Mmmm, twice backed potatoes.

9:49pm - CNN projects that New Mexico will go to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

9:49pm - CNN projects that Louisiana will go to McCain.
Correct with my assessment.

9:58pm - Mandar's dad told us to call "Victory Headquarters" in Ashland where this car dealership is having a McCain Victory Party.

9:59pm - Mandar's mom says that she is going to ring her victory bell so that the very republican douchebag neighbors hear about the Obama victory.

10:00pm - CNN projects that Kansas will go to McCain.
Correct with my assessment.

10:00pm - CNN projects that Iowa will go to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

10:02pm - I guess the Mac ain't coming back!

10:05pm - Fucking cocky ass Anderson Cooper. "He's probably watching CNN." What the fuck!

10:11pm - CNN projects that Arkansas will go to McCain.
Correct with my assessment.

10:22pm - CNN projects that Texas will go to McCain.
Correct with my assessment.

10:24pm - CNN projects that Mississippi will go to McCain.
Correct with my assessment.

10:37pm - CNN is pulling out their magic bullshit all over again. I think John King is the devil or a product thereof.

10:47pm - Ahhh! CNN is using their Star Wars voodoo magic with Will.I.Am.

10:54pm - Five bucks says that McCain runs out and screams, "Fuck you all! I was the Maverick!" and then runs over and bites Sarah Palin's shoulder.

10:59pm - CNN projects that Obama will take Virginia.
Correct with my assessment.

11:00pm - CNN projects that Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America.

11:00pm - CNN projects that Oregon will go to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

11:00pm - CNN projects that California will go to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

11:00pm - CNN projects that Hawaii will go to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

11:00pm - CNN projects that Washington will go to Obama.
Correct with my assessment.

11:19pm - McCain/Palin concedes.

11:20pm - Fuck those douchebags booing when McCain mentions Obama's name. He's your goddamn president now bitches!!!

11:21pm - CNN projects that Colorado will go to Obama.
Incorrect with my assessment.

11:29pm - Hahahaha. Sarah Palin is crying! Wahahahaha!

11:58pm - Obama makes his acceptance speech.

11:59pm - What is up with Michelle's dress!? She looks pregnant!

12:16am - Woo!

12:17am - Ah-ha! There is that fat black lady who said she might not vote for Obama because Hillary lost!!! Looks like she did!

12:19am - Apparently Joe Biden is married to Jill Biden, not Tipper Gore. That's news to me!

12:20am - I asked Mandar what Cindy McCain is doing and he said "beating John McCain up" and I thought he was gonna say "beating John McCain off."

1:15am - Ughh. It's time to go to bed.

04 November 2008

My Election Story

So it's finally the day to vote in the next president. It only comes once every 1461 days. Just months ago in the Ohio Primaries I cast my ballot for Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic Party. Needless to say, she didn't get it, but I wasn't unhappy. It was quite the difficult decision between Hillary and Obama. I pretty much liked them both equally. I was so up in the air, I even had two bumper stickers on my car. One saying Hillary 2008. One saying Obama 2008.

The months passed and finally Obama choose Joe Biden as his running mate. He's a great guy with a great story and some great ideas. I just think he shouldn't speak until he's been voted in. Remember this? "I have got three letters for you Ohio... J.O.B.S." My response was "O.M.G."

So during the Democratic National Convention, I was very very happy to see open, active, and proud Democrats (kicking off with Ohio's own, Dennis Kucinich). Shortly after that came the Republican National Convention and the vetting of Sarah Palin. Need I even talk about her?

As the last two months fell through, McCain's jump, helped by Sarah Baracoochie, leveled out and Obama started to lead, and lead big he did. Finally the debates came along and Obama and Biden blew the McSame/Falin ticket out of the water. Two of the debates I got to watch in High Definition at Pandora's house. Let me just say, John McCain's face is not meant for HDTV.

Eventually I used CNN's Interactive Electoral Map to asses my own thoughts of how the map will look when it's all said and done. This is what I predicted on September 24th and I still stand by my prediction. Today, I'm willing to bet that I'll be at least 90% correct. Guess we'll find out in just a matter of hours.

334 Electorial College Votes Go To Barack Obama
204 Electorial College Votes Go To John McCain

So here we go. It's the eleventh hour and soon enough we will have a new president chosen. This morning around 7:13am I voted for Barack Hussein Obama (and every other Democrat on the list for a matter of fact). Tonight I'll be live blogging and giving my thoughts as the minutes go by. So here's my final thought. No matter who wins tonight, American history will be made.

03 November 2008

One Day To Go!!!

It's the day before the election and I thought I'd just post some of my favorite political cartoons from the last month. Tomorrow I will be "live blogging" from 6pm til' I feel I'm done and then I'll post. Can't wait!

02 November 2008

3 Out Of 4 Strategists Agree!

Here are what four strategists have to say about what is likely to happen on Tuesday.

James Carville, Democratic Strategist: "Barack Obama takes the election by winning 365 electoral votes; the Democrats pick up 9 Senate seats and 27 House seats."

Leslie Sanchez, Republican Strategist: "If John McCain is within four points of Obama in the final polls, there’s a chance for a McCain win. The Democrats won’t pick up 9 Senate seats because Sen. Norm Coleman will beat Al Franken in the Minnesota Senate race."

Paul Begala, Democratic Strategist: "Obama wins with a minimum of 325 electoral votes. The Democrats pick up 7 or 8 Senate seats, which gives them the freedom to kick Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic caucus."

Alex Castellanos, Republican Strategist: "Obama wins with 318 electoral votes, which he gains by carrying Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. McCain wins Ohio and North Carolina. The Democrats wind up with 59 Senate seats, but Sen. Mary Landrieu, D- Louisiana, loses her re-election bid."

Which reminds me. John McCain has predicted today that he will win Pennsylvania as well the Presidency. Psssh!