09 December 2008

Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

So today my professor told the class that we wouldn't need our textbooks anymore and that we were welcome to sell them back to the bookstore. For the two books which cost about $200 dollars, I got back $64. Not horrible.

With this surge of cash in my wallet I decided to go to the mall to buy a new hoodie. My last hoodie I bought at Gabriel Brother's (bad decision there) went to shit when the zipper broke off. It's all the same as the zipper was made of razor blades and cut up my neck all the time.

To my surprise, I hated all the hoodies in Hot Topic. I meandered around the mall for a bit but never found anything worth blowing my wad on. So as I walked through JCPenney I decided to take a look at their mens clothing as well. Most was shit. Some was cool. To my delight, I found a really great hoodie for half off with little thumb thingys that I love.

So I skipped up the register (can't cha just picture it) and stood in the queue. When I walked up she rang me up and my total was $26.44 and she asked me if I wanted to donate $0.56 to charity to make it an even $27. I of course said yes and assumed that their donation gimmick was to simply ask for the remaining change to donate to charity. A little bit over a lot of people really adds up.

So to the left of me a nondescript woman holding a baby was told, "You're total is $58.28, would you like to donate $0.72 to charity to make it an even $59?" The dumb bitch holding her babe replied, "No, if anything you guys should be giving me money."

I wanted to slap her across her fucking face. She was purchasing ipod covers and shoes. Does she really think she is in need of charity? She can't spare 72 fucking cents. I am to the brink of giving up on humanity, I swear.

Talking of humanity, I'm sure you're wondering what that image of the kitty cat above has to do with this story. Well, nothing. But it sure made you read the whole post to find out, huh?


Asylum Seeker said...

That's actually a pretty nice and convenient thing that they have going there. I am too lazy to actively seek out charities and too lazy to do anything with the random pocket change that I get and wind up losing anyway. Having them keep that tiny amount and put it into hands that could actually use it is an excellent idea and I am surprised that I haven't run into that more often.

And don't be so mean to other lady. For all you know, she could have been paraplegic Vietnam war veteran who works for below minimum wage at a public school while volunteering at a homeless shelter 50 hours a week and working in the foster care system. I mean, there's a .01% chance, but still...wouldn't your face be red? That said, still looks like a self-entitled bitch whining from here.

Mandar Malum said...

What a bitch...