24 December 2008

This Is Much Better...

Because making at least general sense doesn't matter anymore, I've decided to redo some things. What I mean is since the idea of dinosaurs ruling the earth after the ice age of mammoths and sabor-tooth cats is okay, I figured this was alright too.

The New "The Tudors"

The New "Zoey 101"

The New "Passion of The Christ"

Okay okay, get it? My news story was featured on Hermant's Blog and people seem to care little about a kids movie that depicts dinosaurs ruling after the rule of mammals. They say, "oh it's a kid's movie" or "oh, lets not forget that they talk too." Okay here is the thing. Sure the animals talk but you don't have to sit down and explain to children that animals really don't talk. They understand fine. However, this is why kids in America will fail in science. Because they are depicting evolution backwards and nobody seems to care.

So if this is gonna fly as okay, you know 65 million years of difference. Then why not have Jesus eating at McDonalds or Henry VIII surfing the internet for his next wife. At least with the last two items the difference is only hundreds of years as apposed to MILLIONS!

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Mandar Malum said...

I love the little dog in the Passion of Christ. And I agree, it is ridiculous. People don't care because its a children's movie... and they wonder why America is getting stupid.