18 December 2008

Are They Out Of Ideas Or Something?

So I am a big fan of AFI and lately there has been this mystery surrounding their official website. Well today, that mystery ended and they have got some video of Davey asking people to send then videos of them talking about their lives.

I don't get it. Have they run out of ideas or something? I'm never a big fan of stuff like this. I prefer it when artists actually write their music and perform it themselves. Asking fans to send them videos talking about their day to day lives... uh... snore!

I can't really see why a person's day to day life is so important to the recording of AFI's new album. I'm rather annoyed by them to begin with, you know the whole, "oh now that we're famous we can only have one new album every three years."

Oh and apparently you have to be American to send in a video. WTF? Apparently the lives of Americans are only important enough for AFI to view.

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Mandar Malum said...

Well you know, they had everything finished last year also, and it was coming out last year... then a month or so ago they announced on their blog that they've finished it again, and are heading to the studio... now they are asking the fans for help...

if you ask me, it sounds like they are stalling for better ideas, and they are hoping that fans can't remember the things they've posted before.