19 December 2008

My Car Doesn't Have The Christmas Spirit

So last Sunday I got off work to find that my check engine light was on. It wasn't flashing, it was just illuminated so that meant that something small was wrong. Needless to say, I hate that. Now as things go, sometimes if you don't put your gas cap on tightly the light will come on and I was hoping that was the only issue.

A couple days later I got gas and when I started the car it make a great rumbling sound. I turned it off and tried again and it was fine... Hrmm.

So then last night, the check engine light was still on, I got gas again. When I turned the key it barely started. In fact, it didn't actually turn. I tried again and it went fine. All week the car has run fine, just when I get gas and do the initial start up does it wig out.

Since it made such a hub-bub I called the repair shop where I purchased the car to get it an appointment (lucky for me I got one for the next day, today, at 10am). The car ran great on the way to Pandora's. It ran just fine everywhere. However, that fucking light was still on, taunting me.

Today at 10am I got my car in and the guy gave me an estimate of $75. My immediate thought was that it would be more because it's always more. Sitting in the waiting room with fucking Regis and Kelly in the background, I played my DS and waited. After a bit the guy came out and told me that some filter or gauge or something or another was shifted and broken and that the total cost for parts and repair would be $165 dollars. No real shock there. And considering what could have been wrong, that wasn't really that much. It could have been a lot worse.

Unfortunately it wouldn't be fixed til 3pm or so (they close at 5:30pm). So I called Aurora and she picked me up and we went to Taco Bell. And here I am now, waiting for them to call to let me know it's finished. It will be so much better when that fucking light is off. It taunts me so.

Other than that things have been pretty okay this week. Mandar got a bonus and so we bought him a new computer and we each got new phones (which I ordered today!). I'm so pumped for my enV2!

So now it's just the waiting game. Tick tock. Tick tock.

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Mandar Malum said...

At least that light is gone now, and it runs fine...