22 December 2008

The War Continues On...

The great war between The Labyrinth and The Snuggie continues. I'm sorry to report that as we speak Labyrinth soldiers are now invading Snuggie soil. On the 20th of December at 8:53pm the Snuggie committed a horrendous act of terrorism on the e-mail of The Labyrinth's Maze Monster. Contained in a dirty spam-mail was an advertisement for the Snuggie as seen below. This was an unprovoked attack and will not be dealt with lightly.

Soldiers from The Labyrinth will invade and kill the enemy. The innocent civilians will be liberated from their sleeved blankets and introduced to good and decent bathrobes. We will be greeted with cheer as liberators. It will a short and easily won war. Please keep the Labyrinth troops in your thoughts as they fight for your freedom.

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