30 March 2009

The Honeymoon Is Officially Over

Like always, when the guy you voted for gets into the white house, you have a honeymoon period where you glow with glory for having picked the better guy. Eventually you learn that even though he's the lesser of two evils, he's still a politician.

The honeymoon is over.

This last week President Obama shot down quite assholily (new word) the idea of legalizing marijuana to help stimulate the economy. This sorta pissed me off and showed me that the honeymoon really was over. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad he's president. But like all adults, after a while we have to accept that we never 100% agree with a pick for president on all issues.

But I know his game. He's a politician and he knows that right now he needs to make sure that he's still gonna be president in four years. We all know how the right wing would react if the "nigga president" legalized weed. After all, four little douchebags all sent me the exact same text a few days ego outlining their "Obama Stimulus Package" as being a bag of weed and some chicken. Three of these four people being people who openly enjoy weed and chicken. All four of these people being republican.

I might have to paraphrase here. But Mos Def said something smart recently, "If we live in a country were you can smoke cigarettes, drink bear at eight o'clock in the morning, and watch every type of pornography out there... why not legalize weed and make some fucking money off it."

The police don't want to police it. The people want to smoke it. We need to start making money. WHY THE FUCK IS THIS STILL ILLEGAL!? Why are we wasting so much money locking up people for a victimless crime.

For Obama to mock "huh huh, I don't know what's going on on the internet, huh huh," is offending. I guess the internet is just full of potheads, right? Like Bill Maher said, that was a McCain answer.

By the way, this is the number one thing on people's mind right now. Not because we're all dying to toke up, but because we want to get rid of this stupid ban on marijuana. Because instead of wasting money on police and jails locking pot smokers up. We should be selling marijuana at street value and making a glorious prophet. Unlike Pandora's boyfriend, I have no desire to smoke weed all day long while doing nothing else, whether I'm rich or not. But I don't want my tax dollars going to busting kids and poor people for enjoying the euphoria that marijuana brings. If marijuana was legal today I wouldn't smoke it. Just like cigarettes, I don't need it and I don't wanna spend my money on it. Believe me, I could get a ton of weed in a heartbeat tomorrow if I wanted it. But the fact that I don't smoke doesn't make me want to stop anyone else from smoking.

The definition of stupid is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We've been wasting away billions of dollars and lives on a failed drug war for 30 years and yet we haven't tried a new game plan. I firmly believe that all drugs should be legal. Every single one of them.

In America I'm allowed to buy a firearm and go home and blow my brains out. But I'm not allowed to buy a dime bag and suddenly think that Across The Universe is a good film or become so deluded that Dane Cook is suddenly funny.

Bottom line: The drug war failed. Marijuana is safe. Legalize!

Below is video from Bill Maher's latest episode of Real Time that sparked this blogpost.


mac said...

I watched that episode of Bill Maher.

I thought the Mos Def comment was funny and comepletely right.

I really do wonder what the big deal with pot is. I have given up all intoxicants, but pot seems much better than booze. Why the prohibition?

Pandora said...

Umm..for the record..my boyfriend doesn't smoke weed.

I think weed is a pointless waste of time and money, but what you said makes sense. I say make cigarettes illegal!

The Maze Monster said...

Well he did say that if he was rich he would smoke weed all day long and do nothing else.

I wouldn't make cigarettes illegal. I would make all drugs legal because I believe that people should have the freedom to do whatever they want with their own body. I would, of course, demand extension education on drugs and drug use. But if after they're educated, they still want to smoke cigarettes or what not, they have that freedom.

Asylum Seeker said...

Make drugs legal, and regulate them to a degree that factors in their potency as well as practical matters, such as the fact that certain types of drugs are easily made and so forth. I'm sure they could water-down any drug sufficiently to make it so that it was more or less safe for use (or, at least less dangerous, if their drug of choice is like heroin-laced paint thinner splashed with some rat poison, or something). And that way people would have more of a reason to bitch about "Big Pharma". Everybody wins!

But, of course, doing so is impractical to do in the short term, and considering that it seems to be hard enough to get people to even think about legalizing marijuana, which is comparatively less harmful than nicotine, alcohol, and even certain forms of prescription drugs...we should probably just focus on the battle that is winnable. Just gotta rely on that there slippery slope afterwards.