06 March 2009

Soulja Boy Really Sucks...

So a friend of mine at work had me make her a CD. She loves hip hop and rap and wanted what she called "a good nigga mix." Strangely it all started when we started singing Ms. New Booty.

So anywho, she gave me a list and wanted me to put all the songs from her myspace on there. Most of the songs I've heard, a few I haven't. Now, generally I'm not crazy about rap or hip hop but every once in a while it's fun. Here is list of the songs that made it onto the CD.

  1. Bubba Sparxx "Ms. New Booty"
  2. Juelz Santana "There It Go (The Whistle Song)"
  3. Lil' Jon feat. YoungBloodz "Snap Your Finger"
  4. Jibbs "Chain Hang Low"
  5. Beyonce "Diva"
  6. 112 "Peaches & Cream"
  7. Chris Brown "Kiss Kiss"
  8. Ashanti feat. B2K "Fuck Song"
  9. Soulja Boy Tell'em "Crank That"
  10. Soulja Boy Tell'em "Gucci Bandana"
  11. Snoop Dogg "Drop It Like It's Hot"
  12. Pretty Ricky "Love Like Honey"
  13. David Banner "Get Like Me"
  14. Soulja Boy Tell'em "Booty Got Swag"
  15. Lil' Kim "How Many Licks"
  16. Bow Wow "Shortie Like Mike"
  17. Soulja Boy Tell'em "Kiss Me Thru The Phone"
  18. Mims "This Is Why I'm Hot"
  19. R Kelly "Ignition"
  20. Soulja Boy Tell'em "Donk"

Now, while burning it, I thought. This isn't that bad of a collection at all. I think I'll burn it for myself... minus one specific artist. Soulja Boy Tell'em.

Wow, he really sucks. I mean, really bad. Each of the songs she gave me all start out with him shouting his name and then the entire song is nothing more than him saying the same phrase over and over and over again.

All the other songs I put on the CD were from artists who have catchy songs with clever lyrics. I mean, I know, I'm not an expert on music or rap for that matter. But when I compare Soulja Boy with other rap and hip hop artists, he really sucks. He's so generic and so very repetitive. He's not a talented rapper. He can't sing. He's not attractive. He just plain sucks.

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Mandar Malum said...

I agree... though i am bias when it comes to this topic, because Rap is not a music genre I like at all...