16 March 2009

Twitter Really Sucks (Update: Not So Bad...)

So lots of people lately have been getting into Twitter. I thought, sure lets see what it's like and I'll give it a try. It seems pretty cool.

Well, so far, I've decided Twitter sucks and it's because I can't do anything on the site. I tried to upload a picture. It fails. I tried to connect to my mobile. It fails. I tried to upload a background. It failed.

Failed failed failed failed. Wow, way to get me involved twitter.

The same thing happened to me with facebook. The site sucked. I lost interest.

UPDATE: So I guess I've got a twitter and it's kinda fun. (still kinda frustrating but it's getting easier)

(add me if you got one)

I still say fuck FaceBook though!

1 comment:

Asylum Seeker said...

Personally, I am glad to hear you say this. I had no intention to ever sign up for either Facebook or Twitter, and it makes me happy to hear that other people were dissatisfied and I am not completely out of my mind for not caring about them.