13 March 2009

Wow... Even I'm Shocked

Okay, Wonder Showzen is terrible... Like terrible in a good way. Basically it's formatted like a kid's show but it's very VERY adult. Lol. Here are a few quotes below. Oh! And there is this horrible skit where kids cream out "funny" or "not funny" depending on whether or not some scene shown should be laughed at or not. It's just hard to describe really. You'll just have to see it here (embedding was disabled) .

"Cows are reincarnated Hindus!"

♫♪Slaves built the pyramids! Slaves built America!♫♪

"He practices (milking cows). I caught him practicing in the bathroom."

"Hey look everybody! Muslim kryponite! (pigs) Oh snap! As'salam Alaikum piggies!"

"I just wanna punch god in the face!"

"I want my innocence back."

You also see a clip called "Aunt Flo" here which also had disabled embedding (grrr!). The only clip that would allow me to embed was the one below but it's cute. I am totally downloading this entire series via PirateBay as we speak. Lol.


pboyfloyd said...

Funny stuff.

Pandora said...

And there is this horrible skit where kids cream out "funny" or "not funny

Haha they cream? Sick...

Asylum Seeker said...

Slaves built America...
I love this show now.