01 April 2009

This One's A Panty Creamer!

I didn't cream my pants... but I might soon (when I get my hands on the entire Manson CD). This last week 6 of the 15 tracks off of Marilyn Manson's upcoming CD The High End of Low were leaked. One of the songs he officially put out and it's called "We're From America." I absolutely love this track. Especially lyrics like, "we're from America, it's where Jesus was born," and "we're from America, where we speak American," and of course, "we're form America, we turn literature into litter."

I love how this sounds like the really good days of Manson. My favorite album of his was Holy Wood and I never expected him to return to that kinda sound. Don't get me wrong, I love all of his CDs, but this new sound from The High End of Low sounds great!

The leaked songs are the following:

  1. Arma-God-Damn-Mother-Fuckin'-Geddon
  2. We're From America
  3. The Wow
  4. Into The Fire
  5. Four Rusted Horses
  6. May Be Harmful If Swallowed

Below you can hear "Arma-God-Damn-Mother-Fuckin'-Geddon" and "We're From America." Squee!!!! Oh... and the reason I named this post "This One's A Panty Creamer" is because after I told Mandar's cousin Aurora that I would burn her the new stuff she sent me a text that said "Ooo! I can't wait... he makes me cream my pants lol!"

Addition: According to sources close to Manson, the only "complete" track that has been leaked is "We're From America." Apparently the other five are demos or incomplete versions. Either way. They're still great! Especially Arma! By the way. The High End Of Low comes out on May 25th!

Addition #2: Fuckers removed the second video. WHY!? You can hear it for free on Manson's myspace page.

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