26 March 2009

What Little Douchebags

Bobby Jindal and Fred Thompson are such little douchebags. They are supposed to be leading the country and yet they are going on about how they want President Obama to fail. They want him to fail? They honestly want the economy to get worse and not to show any signs of any recovery until 2012 just so a republican might get the chance to get into the White House. They want unemployment to continue to raise from it's 9% now up til god know what in four years!?

This should outrage everyone. How fucky petty and selfish is this!? This is like hopeing that a doctor fucks up an operation just because you don't like them personally.

You know what, I never liked Bush. But I never ever wanted him to fail. I never wanted the war to fail. I never wanted the economy to fail. Yes, I did want a democrat to enter the White House when he left, but I didn't hope the country to go into the shitter just so my guy got elected.

This just shows out of touch these rich politicians are. Bobby Jindal and Fred Thompson aren't hurting because of the economy and so they have no trouble hoping that Obama's economic recovery will fail. It just shows that to them, this is all just a game. It's just a game to them and they don't understand that to everday people it's their livelihood. They don't know what it's like to loose a job and get stuck with bills and not a dime in the bank. They don't know what it's like to have a house get forclosed on. To them, it's all just a game. These are not the type of people who should be representing the people in our government.

When it comes to something like winning a war or saving the economy, we should never want our president to fail. Saving the economy should be something that all Americans can get behind but good old fashioned bipartisan politics strikes again and shows us the real douchebags in the room. You know, in college Bobby Jindal and a few of his friends assaulted a woman and strapped her to a bed, performing a Catholic exorcism on her. They believed that she had something very evil inside her that needed exorcised out of her. I never thought I'd say this, but can somebody please strap Bobby Jindal and Fred Thompson to a bed and grab me some holy water?


Mandar Malum said...

You fail to mention good old Rush Limbaugh saying the same things... but then again, everyone already knows he's a douchebag.

I do not understand why they want the economy to fail...

mac said...

Mandar mentions Rush.

I heard his explanation. He likened it to being a Pittsburg Steelers fan, and as such he could root for the other team's quaterback to fail.

He's right. He can root for the other TEAM to fail.

America is our team. I wonder what team these guys are on?

Asylum Seeker said...

You know...I really wish I could have gotten as much mileage from my eight years of "treason" (aka criticism of Bush) as these people are getting. We are only on month two for fuck's sake, and they've been playing the socialism and Hitler cards since before we even got to see the Rebellion and "Let's see how low the economy can go [fuck the poor]" cards played on the table, about one and half months into the new presidency. I didn't even play the Hitler card on Bush until well into his third year. Where has the patience gone?

The Maze Monster said...

True dat!