04 March 2009

Mythologies and Green Fields

Last December I got obsessed with a Nintendo DS came called Age of Empire: Mythologies, which is a Nintendo DS remake of the hit PC game. Basically it's a war game that takes place in ancient and mythological Egypt, Rome, and Scandinavia. It's stop action so you take one step at a time which gives you plenty of time to use strategy, much like Chess. I don't really know what else to say about it... besides it's amazing. Unfortunately being a stop action game, it consumes a lot of time and I've been playing it a lot once again. The other night I started playing it at 10:45pm and didn't put it down until around 4am.

Another something I've gotten back into again is Corner Gas. It's a Canadian sitcom that airs on CTV in Canada and WGN in America. Mandar and I saw a commercial for it last year and it looked absolutely stupid. We kept seeing the commercial over and over again and decided to DVR it just to see how stupid it was. And to be honest, I didn't like it the first time. But then I watched another episode (they air two at a time) and for some reason it sun.

It takes place in ficticious Dog River, Saskatchewan. I think the entire series is filmed in the last spring because every single episode (including the Christmas special) occurs during a nice sunny day. The beautiful green fields and the lovely cozy diner. It really makes you want to move to the nice and peaceful fake town. If I could move to any fake place, it'd be Dog River.

I love the charactors too. They too make you want to move there. They're so much more realistic than the plastic shit that's seen on American television. Oscar is the old grouchy man (my favorite episode with him was when he became the town's bus driver). Emma is Oscar's wife who is kinda bitchy, but in the loving motherly way. The show main charactor is Brent who owns a gas station. Basically the whole show revolves around the gas station and the diner (The Ruby) whic his attached to it.

Wanda (the most educated one there) works as the cashier at the gas station. Lacy (who is a dead ringer for Wonder Woman) runs and owns the diner next door. Hank is Brent's lazy and stupid best friend. Oh, and Karen and Davis are the town's two cops. Their hilarious relationship is also a gem in the show.

Take a lesson America. This is what we call a good show. Realistic, quarky, well-written, and most of all, cozy. Below are some great clips from the show I've found on YouTube.


pboyfloyd said...

Did you vote for the new space module name, Colbert?

Mandar Malum said...

haha, Corner Gas is priceless! I love the birdbath clip and the clip from the mothers day episode... when i see that clip, it makes me think so much about that first advertisement we saw for the show

The Maze Monster said...

What?... pboyfloyd?