20 March 2009

Dancey Dance!

So I got my grade for winter quarter today! I only took one class last quarter (cos I hate winter quarter) and it was Legal Research and Writing. It was a very tough class. We had to research in Federal Reports, United States Codes, Law Reviews, and more. On top of that we had to learn how to do citation which can be fun but it hell on earth at the same time. It's so absolutely technical and must be perfect.

What was I saying... Oh yeah! I got my grade and it was an A-! For this tough class, I would have taken an C- and been happy. Next quarter... ::gulp:: Legal Research & Writing II and Fundamental Accounting I. Eek!


pboyfloyd said...

Right on.

I like the accompying pic. Purr-fect!

Mandar Malum said...

awesome, hope you can continue with that grade in the next course.