30 November 2008

...Down With The Sickness?

So it's day five of my sickness. It all started at Aurora's house the day before Thanksgiving. We were playing Wizard and I had a terribly running nose. Thursday it hit like hell and I could barely enjoy any of the amazing food. Friday was probably the worst. All the symptoms culminated together that day. Saturday I was able to get over my runny nose and stuffy face for the most part but by the end of the day my cough was horrible. So here it is, Sunday, and my cough is worse than ever. My abs hurt from all the coughing but I am starting to get some of my strength back. It hurts to cough so much that I have to hold my stomach to get through it. Needless to say I'm still in no fit state to work.

So when I got up I realized that I was going to have to call off again. I was only scheduled two days this week because usually people aren't in the mood for poultry right after Thanksgiving. So when I called I asked for my schedule for next week too (in which I don't go back until Wednesday), my new manager told me that if I call off again then I will need a doctor's note. A doctor's note!? For fucking KFC!? For a fucking cold!? Are you kidding me? I don't need to see a fucking doctor for a cold. They can last up to ten days and only in rare situations need attention from a doctor.

A doctors note would cost up to $600 dollar for me because I would have to go to the emergency room which is extremely expensive. I can't go see a regular doctor because nearly all doctors in our area now require a person to pay in full up front if the patient has no health care. KFC offers no health care to it's employees and thus I am one of the millions of American who has none. I could go get it myself without the help of an employer which would cost at the lowest price I've seen, $186 a month. I can't afford that. Further more it's terribly shitty health care that covers very little.

Of course there are two great evils in the world that would give me health care. If we passed a national health care service then I would have a least minimal health care that would allow me to visit a doctor without paying out the ass. Also, if same-sex marriage was legalized then Mandar and I could officially get married and I'd be covered under his health care as a spouse. Either way, I'd be covered but since NHS and gay marriage are evil, looks like I'm fucked until Spring of 2010 when I graduate.

Which brings me to my final thought. Even if I had health care, I wouldn't go to the doctors for a fucking COLD!

Oh and I guess I missed a completely valid point... My boss wants me to come into work while I'm infected with an extremely contagious disease! I should have gone in. I should have went in and coughed on everybody that way half the crew (and my douchy manager) would be sick for the next week thanks to his assholiness. Does he really want me to come in with a contagious desease and serve food to the public?


Mandar Malum said...

You shouldn't speak of those evil Liberal ideas, people will accuse you of communism!

Pandora said...

Lol I love how you make it sound like you have the plague or something..