02 November 2008

3 Out Of 4 Strategists Agree!

Here are what four strategists have to say about what is likely to happen on Tuesday.

James Carville, Democratic Strategist: "Barack Obama takes the election by winning 365 electoral votes; the Democrats pick up 9 Senate seats and 27 House seats."

Leslie Sanchez, Republican Strategist: "If John McCain is within four points of Obama in the final polls, there’s a chance for a McCain win. The Democrats won’t pick up 9 Senate seats because Sen. Norm Coleman will beat Al Franken in the Minnesota Senate race."

Paul Begala, Democratic Strategist: "Obama wins with a minimum of 325 electoral votes. The Democrats pick up 7 or 8 Senate seats, which gives them the freedom to kick Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic caucus."

Alex Castellanos, Republican Strategist: "Obama wins with 318 electoral votes, which he gains by carrying Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. McCain wins Ohio and North Carolina. The Democrats wind up with 59 Senate seats, but Sen. Mary Landrieu, D- Louisiana, loses her re-election bid."

Which reminds me. John McCain has predicted today that he will win Pennsylvania as well the Presidency. Psssh!


Mandar Malum said...

I am hopeful that John McCain's predictions are as good as some of Silvia Brown's...

Asylum Seeker said...

McCain "predicted" that he was going to win? Hah. Not only does he have no actual say in the matter, but what else we expect from McCain's biggest fan (himself) but such a bold, factless assessment of the future?