04 November 2008

My Election Story

So it's finally the day to vote in the next president. It only comes once every 1461 days. Just months ago in the Ohio Primaries I cast my ballot for Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic Party. Needless to say, she didn't get it, but I wasn't unhappy. It was quite the difficult decision between Hillary and Obama. I pretty much liked them both equally. I was so up in the air, I even had two bumper stickers on my car. One saying Hillary 2008. One saying Obama 2008.

The months passed and finally Obama choose Joe Biden as his running mate. He's a great guy with a great story and some great ideas. I just think he shouldn't speak until he's been voted in. Remember this? "I have got three letters for you Ohio... J.O.B.S." My response was "O.M.G."

So during the Democratic National Convention, I was very very happy to see open, active, and proud Democrats (kicking off with Ohio's own, Dennis Kucinich). Shortly after that came the Republican National Convention and the vetting of Sarah Palin. Need I even talk about her?

As the last two months fell through, McCain's jump, helped by Sarah Baracoochie, leveled out and Obama started to lead, and lead big he did. Finally the debates came along and Obama and Biden blew the McSame/Falin ticket out of the water. Two of the debates I got to watch in High Definition at Pandora's house. Let me just say, John McCain's face is not meant for HDTV.

Eventually I used CNN's Interactive Electoral Map to asses my own thoughts of how the map will look when it's all said and done. This is what I predicted on September 24th and I still stand by my prediction. Today, I'm willing to bet that I'll be at least 90% correct. Guess we'll find out in just a matter of hours.

334 Electorial College Votes Go To Barack Obama
204 Electorial College Votes Go To John McCain

So here we go. It's the eleventh hour and soon enough we will have a new president chosen. This morning around 7:13am I voted for Barack Hussein Obama (and every other Democrat on the list for a matter of fact). Tonight I'll be live blogging and giving my thoughts as the minutes go by. So here's my final thought. No matter who wins tonight, American history will be made.


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Let us hope that Obama wins this! The stress of not knowing is driving me crazy!