20 October 2008

Why Do People Give Her Money?

Wow... yeah. See, if I could talk to dead people, I would have much better questions and far more pressing matters to attend to then being on the Montel show.

Check out her 2008 predictions below...

Sylvia: The housing market will get stronger.
Truth: It got shittier and millions lost their homes!

Sylvia: The bank moguls will buy up the foreclosures and get richer.
Truth: The bank moguls went broke!

Sylvia: Jobs will get better with Ford because of them starting to make hybrids, and this will break up the automotive industry.
Truth: Ford hasn't gotten into the hybrid market any more than they had in 2007 and has cut jobs at a record rate. Further more, the auto industry is at the worst point it's been in this decade.

Sylvia: I wouldn't invest into a stock unless you research it.
Truth: No shit! That's true in the best and the worst times!
(Note: She never mentioned whether or not the stock market in general would get any better or worse, which considering how much it's tanked like a shitter, her magic powers should have caught onto.)

Sylvia: I think the troops will start coming back home in 2008 in increments.
Truth: The troops haven't come home, in fact there has been a surge. Further more, in every single war in US history the troops have come back in increments. They never just all come home at once.

Sylvia: The other countries are going to start bailing out of the war.
Truth: No country has left the war, in fact Turkey entered the war.

Sylvia: Bush's approval rating will go lower.
Truth: She took the words out of my mouth. Duh!
(Note: Rules of chance do apply that she will get some right by chance without magic powers. You would think she might even get some of the tougher ones by chance too!)

Sylvia: Obama will be the democratic front runner.
Truth: Obama is.
(Note: There's that rule of chance! I'm surprised newspapers didn't run articles claiming that Sylvia Brown predicted it!)

Sylvia: Hillary's gonna be big and then she'll flatten out.
Truth: Hilliary's biggest jump was at the end which was too little too late. She also said that Hillary would be big in the summer which was dumb because the primaries are over in late May.

Final note: You would have thought her bad track record would have caused her to end up on Montel far less but nope! Check out the great video down here.

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Mandar Malum said...

James Randy, I think that was his name, said it all. I do not 100% beleive that physics do not exist, but I do not think Miss Brown is one.

It is easy for someone trained in the art to "see" such things, because like the guy said, all you have to do is throw out code words, and they will reach for what they want to hear.