24 October 2008

"Who Dropped This Brownie" / The Levi Steamer

I really don't wanna talk about this for too long because it's quite depressing on me. Yesterday Mandar and I went to my parent's house to play cards and such. The night was going generally well and my step-mom ended up wining Wizard. I had to pee. So I got up and walked to the bathroom and stood there and peed. Something felt wrong. As I walked out of the bathroom, I felt my shoe slide a little bit. I could smell something funky.

Once I out to the kitchen, I grabbed a brownie and walked back into the dinning groom to get a drink. I walked back toward the kitchen and saw something brown on the carpet. Looking about, I thought, "Who dropped a brownie." The answer. Nobody.

I had stepped in poop in the bathroom and walked about three rooms tracking it everywhere. Mandar and my step-mom could not stop laughing. I went outside and took off my shoe and eventually my dad had to get the steam cleaning out.

Mandar and I wondered which of the two dogs had pooped in the bathroom. Looking at Levi, I knew it was him. My step-mom and Mandar found it so funny. I didn't think so much.


Mandar Malum said...

it was the hardest I've laughed in a long time. Good times!

Pandora said...

Better then a Stanley Steamer!