16 October 2008

If I Was Only 40 Years Older

It's time to express my love for a certain man on this earth who really has changed my life. I think about him quite a lot and he's provided a great deal of inspiration for me. If I was only 40 years older and he was gay or I was a female, I'd be all up in Richard Dawkins.

He's a no bullshit maverick who rides the straight talk express. No not Cranky McNasty. Dr. Clinton Richard Dawkins has written eight books on evolution and one on religion, all of which embracing the ideals of many which find the earth, universe, and reality to be far more marvelous without god.

He has also created seven amazingly brilliant documentaries on the fact of evolution as well as his abhorrence for organized religion (including Christianity which holds a special place in his heart).

Several years ago he started what is known as the atheist moment urging atheists to 'come out' and profess their godlessness (which, believe it or not, is 20% of the population on earth, nearly all of which are the elite and educated).

Check out this horrible video where Bill O'Riley attempts to make Dawkins look stupid (in farness, O'Riley always sucks at interviewing)

In the spirit of equal play, here is how CNN interviewed Dawkins.

That black guy asked where do atheists get their morals from? He says that he gets his morals from God and the Bible which is funny because if that were true he would have stoned those women to death for attempting to be his equal.

So that is my quick boast of love for Richard Dawkins, which I must add does him no justice, there is a plethora of better interviews, speaches, and debates from him on his own website and on YouTube. I encourage everyone to luster in his glory.

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Mandar Malum said...

Richard Dawkins is amazing! Bill O'Riley is a douche bag, but what do you expect from FOX News?

CNN is so much better, and I also agree that it is amusing that that black guy gets his morals from the Bible, considering studies have proven most people have the same moral code, despite their religion or lack there of...