13 October 2008

Kiss My Sass!

So we set out for our second adventure to see Cobra Starship on their Sassyback Tour. I was so hungry when we left and so we stopped at Goasis to eat at the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut there. That Taco Bell was so overpriced. The $0.89 burrito was $2.19 there. What the fuck!

So after that we made our way to Cleveland and after several twists and turns down different roads looking for parking, we ended up parking in the garage across the street from The House of Blues where they were playing.

The House of Blues was really awesome looking. I loved the decor there. They had lots of merchandise but I didn't get anything because it was all pretty gay looking. We got right up to the balcony and had the perfect seats; second row, just to the right. The four guys in the front of us just sat there and weren't in our way at all. It was perfect (in fact we were only a couple seats away from the VIP section).

What was even better was that we had nobody on either side of us and the only other person in our row was this forty something year old lady. However lucky we were, there were still a shit load of people there. It was nearly sold out.

The first band called Sing It Loud came on and they weren't that good. They didn't suck but they weren't good. They were pretty much a garage band and they were all about twelve years old, I swear. They were four white kids with about a six inch waist, and then some black kid on keyboards who was normal sized but next to the twinks looked like an orca. What's worse is he looked just like this guy from this Nickelodeon show called Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

So during the concert there was this big lady who was part of the House of Blues security and she kept swooping down on people we were standing where they shouldn't be or who were sneaking into the VIP section. So we named her 'The Hawk.' We thought it was fitting.

The next band called Sing It Loud came out and they just pretty much the same. Not good. Not horrible. Just blah. They pretty much seemed just like the last band only older. They were probably in their early 30s and their newest CD is called "Skip School, Start Fights." Yeah...

So there was supposed to be yet another opening band called Forever The Sickest Kids. Well they weren't there, I think they were sick. Now that I mention that, Margaret Cho was sick last night too but she still went on. Gabe from Cobra Starship was sick too, and he still went on. So I gotta give big props to sick people still going out there and doing it because if Cho and Cobra both cancelled because they were sick I'd have been depressed for the rest of the year. I would have totally deleted them off my iPod.

So then Cobra finally got on stage and they were pretty good. They had a lot going against them because Gabe has these cysts on his throat that he has to get removed in surgery (which isn't until next year). His voice was not well but he did the best he could. All and all they preformed their best songs which unfortunately they don't have many since they only have 2 CDs so far (however they have finished their 3rd which should be coming out soon).

Their performance was in one word unique. Gabe's dancing and craziness was outrageous and I have to give him credit because he managed to look cool which to be honest he was only one beat away from looking like a retard on Bacardi. He wasn't really sexy or attractive at all (especially his old dingy green plaid hoodie). There was also this point when in a song he sung the words "take a shit where you sleep" and he squatted down and looked like he was pooping.

At one point Gabe said "I wanna get a tattoo of my mom's pussy on my head so I always remember where I came from." Thankfully Vicky T laughed and said, "Did you really just say that?" That was what we were all thinking.

The other problem was that Gabe loved to talk. Talk talk talk talk talk. They rocked out for a while without any breaks and then he started talking for about 5 or so minutes between songs. Later he talked for about 15 minutes and then said "oh, this next is our last song by the way."

All and all they were good but they definitely have room for improvement. This was their first headlining tour and they are a new band. I would like to see them again if they come back around after Gabe's surgery and after a new album. I think they have a bright future ahead if they just keep getting better.

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Mandar Malum said...

Oh I loved Melanie C, and the Hawk! It was a great night!

Hahaha, we also used the same picture as a banner, that's crazy

I still think Gabe was attractive in a weird kind of way