28 October 2008

Fuck You Ice Bear!!!

So lately I've been in a huge Oomph mood. I realized today that I don't have all of their CDs (they have 10 studio albums and lotsa other shit). So I decided to jump around the internet and ::cough cough:: download all their stuff.

Well thank Zeus for Wikipedia because it had not only lists of all the CDs and their tracks and translations, but also a nice long list of rare tracks... that you KNOW I just had to have.

Now before we get into the semantics, bear in mind (no pun) that nearly all of Oomph's stuff in inaccessible to download through the legal means in the United States (they are German afterall). Even worse, only their most popular stuff is offered widely on The Pirate Bay (like the last 3 CDs). I was lucky to find a discography that contained all the CDs but unfortunately didn't have the rare b-side bonus tracks (like 20 songs, many of which are amazing).

After just a bit of searching, I was able to sift my way through the internet and find nearly everything except for one song. "Eisbär" which means literally "Ice Bear" but more roughly translated means "Polar Bear." It was a b-side on the "Augen Auf" special edition single. A very rare find indeed.

Looking online I could find lyrics to the song. I could even find videos on YouTube with the song playing in shittious quality. But I couldn't find crystal (huet!) clear quality. I needed that song... BAD!

So here, after hours and hours of searching I have FINALLY found it. I hadn't dared listen to the song all the way through in the fear that I would really want it (like I already didn't). So once I knew I had it in my possession, I listened to it and was blown away (literally). It's perhaps the strangest song by Oomph but I love it none the less. Here is a sample of the lyrics (translated from German).

"I'd like to be a polar bear, at the cold polar
Then I wouldn't have to cry anymore
Everything would be so clear
I'd like to be a polar bear, at the cold polar
Then I wouldn't have to cry anymore
Everything would be so clear
Polar bears must never cry
Polar bears must never cry"

Yeah, so I won my war against the "Eisbär." Fuck you ice bear!!!


Mandar Malum said...

Those are indeed strange lyrics... but then again, i've never seen actual translations of any of their songs... They could be singing about Pink butterflies and being happy, and I would still think it sounds sinister. haha.

Pandora said...