22 October 2008

The Procrastination Factor

So today I have the morning off and don't have to be a work until six o'clock. Well, last night I went to bed around midnight. This morning I woke up around 8am or so (not long after Mike left for work). I worked on some outlining and personal writing, read a little, and played some Kirby Superstar Ultra.

Eleven o'clock rolled around and I realized that I was hungry so I microwaved a couple pieces of bologna and put them between some nice buns (don't judge!). After eating and watching The Golden Girls (don't judge!), I realized that I really needed to get some homework done. I needed to read some ethical scenarios for Ethics and needed to do some case briefings for Intro to Law. But before I could do that I of course had to finish watching The Golden Girls (omg, that show first aired in the year I was born... wow!).

So then one o'clock rolled around and I turned off the T.V. and opened up my laptop. First of all, before I could even start to do my homework I had to check out my daily portals of news (you know, CNN.com, Myspace, Blogger, Leaky Cauldron, D-listed). After that I decided it was time to bog down and get some work done! I had to be a work in just a few hours and class was at 9am the next morning.

I pulled out my book bag and realized it was time for me to clean it out. I had old payed bills stuffed in there as well as oyster crackers and soup that I had taken last week for lunch but never ate. After I had it nice and pretty my my Obama/Biden pin was shinned, I pulled out my agenda to see what exactly I had to do (what page in what books etc.). Well I immediately realized it had been forever since I had added new stuff to my agenda (like x-mas breaks, winter registration, winter qtr. start, etc).

So I decided that I would listen to the new t.A.T.u. album that came out yesterday and is now available on iTunes called, "Happy Smiles." It's really good and very different. I just hope their next CD isn't such a long wait. Well by the time I finished added shit to my agenda, I had listened to the whole CD.

This was it! It was time to bog down and get some fucking word done! It was already 2pm!!! I opened up word and opened up my Legal Ethics books and was nearly ready to begin. Only... geez these glasses need cleaning. So I got up and cleaned them but realized that while I was up I might as well clean up a little bit. That didn't take long and I sat back down to my laptop.

Now before I could start I had to listen to some music while I did my homework (I can't stand silence). So I skewed through my iTunes and decided to listen to a great little collection of older AFI songs I like to call The Despair Factor. It's a really good tracklisting, check it out (I'm on track seven now)!

  1. Days Of The Phoenix
  2. Catch A Hot One
  3. Six to Eight
  4. Wester
  5. The Despair Factor
  6. Malleus Maleficarum
  7. Total Immortal
  8. The Prayer Position
  9. No Poetic Device
  10. At A Glance
  11. God Called In Sick Today
  12. Halloween
Sitting down, I realized I had procrastinated for so freaking long and thought, wow, I'm just like Ellen, I can't get anything done... I should really blog about this. So here I am now, nearly three in the afternoon and I haven't even begun my homework (which is sitting next to me ready to be done).

This is what I like to call, The Procrastination Factor. It's the factor inside me that causes me to push my homework back as far as possible, despite the fact that it will probably only take me 45 minutes or so to do. You know... I haven't checked the mail yet today. Maybe I'll pop out there real quick and see what the kitties are doing before I start this...


Mandar Malum said...

Was there no point in the day where you pet the kitten for 45 minutes, or decided to arrange the CDs?

Pandora said...

Ah yes. I can relate. Love the AFI mix...I havnen't listened to them in a while...