10 October 2008

It Took All My Strength...

So today I was working the drive-thru today at work. This lady pulls up and I say something to the effect of, "Hi, $12.88 please." She had a glazed look on her eyes and a strange looking boy in the passenger seat. Most customers don't say a word (in fact most don't even say thanks). She however said, "Hi how are you doing this beautiful day?" I didn't say much... I mean what is there to say?

I took her money and gave her the change. Suddenly she thrust this small little pamphlet in my face and said, "Please take this and read it with an open heart." I immediately knew what it was. It was a pamphlet all about Jesus and how I need to be saved. I have found these pamphlets several times in the men's restrooms. Usually they stay something to the effect of "All the good deeds in the world will be useless without Christ in your life." So that basically means that I can be a model citizen and still go to hell. However, I can be a murderer, but as long as I believe in Jesus, I'm saved. Well that makes perfect sense.

It took all my strength to not reply, "Haha, yeah sorry but I'm an atheist." But considering the fact that this lady was actually very nice and polite (although a bit buzzed), I simply replied, "I'm sorry ma'am, but I can't accept this." I passed it back and she stuttered and said, "Uh... okay."

I gave her the food and said thanks. She drove off. Later in the night I told this fat racist bitch named Lindsay about it and she laughed and said, "If that was I me I would have said, yeah right lady, I'm an athiest, sorry." That surprised me.

So in the spirit of Jesus and Halloween. Go here to dress him up for trick or treating.

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Mandar Malum said...

that's funny! Hahaha