15 April 2009

Fun With Captions! Tarkan-Style

So me, Mandar, and Aurora have been all up in a Tarkan mood lately (he's coming out with a new CD this year!! AHH!). So while panning the internet for good photos, I got some great ones. Of them, several were in dire need of a good caption. See below.


Asylum Seeker said...

Oh my. Those were good. I particularly liked the "dude, following me around with a schedule doesn't make you my manager" line. Close second: "I'd totally convert to Islam for that".

Mandar Malum said...

They are all great! My fave would have to be with the "girl's pants" they do indeed look like girl's pants, and he does indeed look good.

Also, side note: Not sure if you intended the pictures to be thumbnails or if you wanted them to be actual pictures.