18 April 2009

Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Fucking Whiney Ass Bitches

I'm friends with this douchebag on Facebook who I don't even know, really. He comes into my work a lot and buys snackers. He had a class once with me. He's a big Christian but boy does he love pussy. He loves to talk about pussy. He loves to eat pussy. He loves to talk about eating pussy. Besides Jesus and pussy, the only other thing he talks about is sports. Bleh. Three things I hate.

So he posted this thing below.

And so here's my question. What the fuck is a 30 hour fast going to prove? What is the fucking point? Especially since he's probably going to eat the entire fridge when it's over.

It might be to show him how people in other starving countries have to live. Except they don't eat like a pig before it starts and then get to go out to Denny's and pig out again after just 30 hours. This is one of those things in American religion that is just so fucking stupid. Things like this make this kid feel holier than thou and I'm willing to bet that he won't be 100% pure in his fasting.

What I hate more about this kid is how much he complains because his parents can only afford to send him to OSU and not a good school. He complains and says things like, "Uh, my parents are patheitic. They wasted all their money and now they can't even send me to a worthy school and so now I'm in class with poor people who are practically homeless."

I don't know how I keep myself from committing a felony with a chicken bone. God damn, just imagine how much good he could do with the energy he put into that thirty hours. He could volunteer at a homeless shelter (we've got on in our town). He could pick up trash outside. He could do so much but instead he just doesn't eat for a little bit. Jesus fucking Christ! I'm so done!


Mandar Malum said...

Lent and fasting are two things I'll never understand when it comes to religion. Its just something pointless to make them selves feel like they are better than everyone else.

Asylum Seeker said...

I did not know that people spent more money to into college in order to be a college that exclusively houses people who are able to pay that extra money. That is a hell of a scam they've got going there!

Also: fasting is a nice idea when it comes to esoteric religions that focus on learning self-control, moderation, and ultimately obtaining personal enlightenment of same kind. But, otherwise, it's just a meaningless spectacle, meant to show off and be forgotten, never actually changing your character or your health in a positive way. It's just another way to feed into the All-American tendency of arbitrary self-deprivation followed by binging for a solid eight months. It is, apparently, how we roll.

mac said...

The guys seems like an asshole, BUT he does love pussy :-)

Pandora said...

Well you know he really won't be fasting for the 30 hours...there is pussy out there that needs eaten.