08 April 2009

Anna & Eve!? ::Snort:: Really?

So now that four states have legalized gay marriage (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Iowa, California still in flux), the religious right is FREAKING OUT! Check out this great video below from them.

This is so vague! "The clouds are dark and the winds are strong... and I am afraid." I don't even get half of the shit they say. "My freedom will be taken away." What!? How? "I am a California doctor who must choose between my faith and my job." HOW!? WHY!? "I am a Massachusetts mom who has to watch helplessly as public schools tell my children that gay marriage is okay." Haha, really? Helpless? "Advocates [for gay marriage] want to change the way I live." Oh jesus fucking christ!

It's no wonder this video has 1/5 stars on YouTube. It's just stupid. First of all, I don't think any 2nd grade teacher is forcing kids into thinking that gay marriage is okay. They might be telling their students that it's LEGAL (in some states). But why hide this information? Like they wouldn't find out. THEY'RE SECOND GRADERS! In a few years they'll be in high school!

Here are few other great videos this organisation made against prop 8 (all dealing with the horribleness of second graders being aware of laws).

On the world's stage, gay marriage is legal in the following countries: Belgium, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway. Civil partnerships (a stone throw away from marriage but not quite the golden coin) are legal in the following countries: Andorra, Iceland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Slovenia, France, Switzerland, Germany, England, Wales, Scotland, Greenland, Uruguay, and in parts of Argentina, Australia, Brasil, and Mexico. And the following countries are currently working toward legalization (in debate): Australia, Israel, China, Nepal, New Zealand, Estonia, Philippines, France, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Hungary, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Taiwan, and Iceland.

This list was tiny 10 years ago and nonexistent 20 years ago. Gay marriage is going to happen and eventually people will look at the opponents of gay marriage in the same way that we look at the opponents of interracial marriage today. As idiotic bigots! Click here to see a map of what states outlawed interracial marriage before 1967. Thanks to the Homosecular Gaytheist for bringing this video to my attention.


pboyfloyd said...

I liked the satirical Army PR where they are excusing themselves by saying that the Army wants to protect America's precious resource of gays from the dangerous Army lifestyle.

That was hilarous!

Asylum Seeker said...

How the hell are DOCTORS affected? Is that like the case of the doctor up in Canada who refused to treat a woman because she wasn't "trained to treat lesbians"? Apparently, STD's and/or the common cold become entirely different diseases if your sexual orientation is different.

These people have to be vague, because once they revealed the "freedoms" they are trying to protect they would either provoke all sane people listening to induce vomiting or laugh hysterically. I try to do both at once.

Mandar Malum said...

goodness... i am quite curious why the docter must choose between faith and her job... And all those dark clouds in the background were rather menacing. I think i am scared now too.