13 April 2009

Notes On Life: Crocs, Puffs, & Time

So while Mandar got his hair cut today I stayed in the car and cleaned up the files on my mobile. Next to the hair cut place was American Payroll Advance and next to that was a cigarette store called Puffs. The first thing I noticed while Mandar got his hair cut was a man wearing gray sweat pants and orange crocs (if you don't know what they are, you're lucky). He was entering Puffs. Anyways... I hate these shoes. They're so lazy and ugly and they should never be worn in public. They should be wore to the swimming pool or out into the garden.

As if one person wearing them wasn't enough, another person showed up and entered Puffs. She too was wearing crocs (purple ones) and sweat pants (dark blue ones). Both people were rather large and were buying a considerable amount of cigarettes.

After they both left, I looked to the signage of American Payroll Advance. To my suprise, they are open six days a week. Each day they open at 9:15am. Really!? 9:15am??? What a fucking strange ass time to open. Why not 9am? Why not 10am? What exactly is pushing them back fifteen minutes?

So that's all. That's all that's on my mind. I've been doing a lot of writing in other places so I haven't had much time to write here. 9:15 my ass. Psssh!

ADDITION: Sure they're fugly... But if you want one more reason why crocs suck... click here.


Mandar Malum said...

Blah, George W looks horrible in Crocs

mac said...

Fucking ugly shoes and sweat pants :-(

Did people forget how to dress?

I only wear sweat pants for working out or sleeping- and then only if there is company in the house, otherwise it's nothing.