22 April 2009

"You Can Ride To The Top, But You Can't Ride On My Cock"

A band I love called Cobra Starship is about to come out with a new CD late this summer (rumored to be coming out August 1st!). I'm not sure if it's their first single or not, but they added a new track from their upcoming CD on their MySpace which you can listen to below. It's called "Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous" but worry not, it has nothing to do with Pete Wentz or Fall Out Boy.

I saw Cobra in concert last fall and I hope they go on tour again. They're on tour now but they're only opening for Fall Out Boy (huet!). Last fall lead singer Gabe Saporta had an issue with his throat and couldn't sing that well. I'm willing to bet they are a lot better when their lead singer has a voice, lol. Oh and yes, I love the new song. I've listened to it about a million times already.


Mandar Malum said...

Cobra Starship is an awesome band! And this song is pretty good also

PersonalFailure said...

Welcome to hell!

oh, wait, that's kind of threatening, isn't it?

you're on the forever in hell blogroll.

I know nothing of this cobra starship, but your post on fasting was spot on.

PersonalFailure said...

I like to put up a lot of different stuff on my blogroll. I don't really talk politics, but I have a lot of that kind of stuff on my blogroll. Basically, my blogroll is a list of things that interest or amuse me. To be honest, it's a bit of constructive narcissism.