10 September 2008

Happy Smiles and Gothic Homos

So I haven't blogged in forever... get over it! When I'm not writing here then I'm writing somewhere else. I've only got a set amount of words that can be pulled from my body per day.

Today I want to talk about Happy Smiles/Veselye Ulybki which is the new album from faux-lesbian duo t.A.T.u. For the last year I've been waiting for this CD which was promised originally on December 25th, 2007 (back when it was actually going to be called "Waste Management") So now, FINALLY it seems that we just might actually be getting it within the coming weeks. For sure we are getting a new single called "You & I" on Friday so I'm definitely pumped for that. So what you see above is the new shittious album artwork for the newly renamed album. I'm assuming that because so few people embrace t.A.T.u.'s dark music style that they have decided to mock what the radio stations seem to want... which is Happy Smiles.

Now, don't get me wrong, that's cool. But I'm sorry, but when I get that album in my iPod it's still going to be called "Waste Management." Check out the original awesome artwork for the album.

So now onto some gothic homos. Thanks to a certain gossip site I have come across a band called Velvet Code. They're pretty good and they are growing on me quite a bit. They are a bit like Blaqk Audio, only gayer (yes! it's possible). They've got this techno 80's feel to them that is hard to find these days. My favorite song by them is called "Say You Love Me" which you can hear on their myspace page (here!).

Now when it comes to Davey & Jade of Blaqk Audio, there is at least a small scrap of chance they're not completely allergic to pussy. With Marlon, Ryan, and Nick of Velvet Code, they can't even have an itty bitty tensey weensey bit of pussy or they will die. For the love of God, don't go to youtube and watch their horrible video for "Trust Fund Girl" because it is pure shit. I still love the song, but wow, GAY! Hopefully a video for their next single will be better and get some mainstream radio play (doubt it, mainstream sucks now days).

Now as for the actual music... I'm hooked! I cannot wait until thier CD comes out. I've been listening to the songs on their MySpace none stop! As for the boys themselves... I'm slightly freaked out by the amount of hotness I'm feeling from them. I'd hit it. I'd probably it all!


Mandar Malum said...

as for TATU, we shall see. I guess that is a good explanation for Happy Smiles, it makes sence.

Pandora said...

First off...Whooo for TATU!!! Can't freakin wait. As for gothic homos...that pic just freaks me out. Deff. would not hit that.