15 September 2008

The Best SNES Game Ever Ruined By Ike

So I looked online today to check out the new virtual console games for Nintendo Wii and was ecstatic to see Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I immediately got out my Wii-mote and purchased 1000 Wii points. For a mere 800 points (or $8) I got a hold of a game that still to this day sells for $50 bucks on eBay!

So the minute it was downloaded I was playing. Even after twelve years I absofuckinlutley love this game! It is quite frankly the most perfect RPG game of all time!

So after about forty five minutes, I’ve already leveled up and received the hammer. I’m in the Mushroom Kingdom talking to the chancellor and then BLACKOUT.

The electricity goes out. See this face: Pissed. So after a few flickers and some weirdness, the power comes back on and I go back to my game, feeling okay at the fact that I saved only four or fives minutes before the power went out. I get this message: DATA IS CORRUPTED AND CANNOT BE USED.

See this face: Dead! My heart stopped. I’m dead. It’s been fun. It’s been real. And Super Mario RPG was real fun but now it’s gone. My money was wasted and thanks to my car insurance and car payment, I’ve not got enough to buy it all over again. Thankfully nothing else has been corrupted, however I still fail to see why exactly this data was corrupted. I mean, shouldn’t it have just treated it as if somebody pulled out the plug? Would that really have made me loose all my data?

So here I sit now, a zombie, waiting for the winds from Hurricane Ike to pass so that I might be able to get the internet back and see if there is a way to re-download Super Mario RPG without having to shell out more money. If not, I’m slitting some Japanese throats over at Nintendo. Oh! There we go! Now I know how to pass the time. I’ma gon’ sharpen ma slittin’ knife! Get ‘er ready to go!

Bottom line: Amazing games and hurricanes don’t mix.

UPDATE: It turns out that the Hurricane is not actually responsible for the corrupted date. Nintendo is and I'm not the only one who's had problems.


Pandora said...

Oh come on now..it wasn't the Japanese faults!

Mandar Malum said...

I think its a conspiracy by all those who are selling the super Nintendo version of the game on Amazon and ebay.