31 August 2008


So I logged into MySpace today and saw that I had a new friend request. His name was Andrew and he looked slightly familiar. I just figured it was some homo that saw me on t.A.T.u. or Oomph's MySpace page.

Nope. It was Andrew... some guy who was 2 years behind me in school. Well, I was right, he was a homo. A fa-laaaming homo at that. At some point I went on a couple dates with him (back in early junior year). Quickly did I find him to be a very flat archetypal gay teenager. He loved pop and dance music. He loved to get drunk and make out with anyone. Most of all he loved to gossip, gossip, gossip! Clearly, anybody who knows me, knows this is not in the least what I like in a guy. In fact, quiet often I'm very put off by it. What I can't stand most about these guys are their whole "i'm so original nah nnaaahhhnanah" attitude. When, in truth, they are the just the stereotypical high school fag. Oh, I forgot to mention. His goal was to go to college and become a choreographer for Britney Spears.

So after a couple dates it never went anywhere. So later my junior year he started spreading rumors about me. Claiming that I only pretended to be gay so I could get in girl's pants (oh yeah, cos nothing gets a girl to get naked and wet like a guy talking about penis). I pretty much just ignored it because it was stupid. So then for the next two years he and his prissy bitchy popular girls wanted nothing to do with me (which was fine cos I wanted nothing to do with them.) They would stay out late, smoke weed, get drunk, suck dick, and then gargle mouthwash on Sunday morning before going to church (so they could suck more dick in the bathroom).

Eventually he started dating this rather attractive (yet still flaming) guy a year younger than me. This new guy was so far into the closet he couldn't see the light to get out. He was so gay that nobody thought he was (although, those of us with gaydar knew right away). He was a bitch to say the least. Together they judged me. I wasn't good enough for them. I wasn't gay enough for them. I was heavy metal, rock music, rammstein, and anything you'd find in hot topic. They were scared of hot topic, and instead loved their A&F and Banana Republic. They were from richy rich families, so they didn't work (ugh! you might get dirt on your hands!). I worked for what I had. I was simply not acceptable to them. All my friends were straight guys. All their friends were skanky bitches.

So now, nearly six years since they decided I wasn't gay enough to be friends with them. Here I sit, in bed, with a friend request from Andrew. It makes me wonder. He was such a bitch to me in school. He never liked me. He was often afraid of the music that came out of my 1992 Dodge Spirit. So now, suddenly he wants to be friends.

So I thought, okay, lets look at his page. Maybe he's different now days. Here are some excerpts from his page: "the name's andrew. remember it, you'll be screaming it later", " i believe that all things happen for a reason", "i'm a sloppy drunk", "i'm not stupid, i just say dumb things", " blasting urban music is a must", "i heart ranch dressing and salt and vinegar chips", "drama free is the way to be" and best of all, "my motto is "people are always going to talk, might as well give them something to talk about."

Oh and of course... Who is listed at his one and only hero? Nicole Richie. Why!? What on earth could she have done to make him a hero in his eyes? Oh that's right. Nothing. She's done nothing and she's rich. That's a hero to him.

So there I was stuck. Either could either click accept or deny. When it's somebody from high school I usually just accept and never talk to them. This time around. He got denied!


Mandar Malum said...

hahaha. Denied! Thank god i didn't have those kind of homos at my school. Those at my school that I knew to be gay were pretty cool, and pretty down to earth.

However, I have had my fair share of high school drama thanks to prissy bitchs... just none of them were gay.

Pandora said...

Oh gosh..what a homo