27 September 2008

Pimmel Never Hurt Nobody!

Okay, on Suvivor Gabon (a show I never watch), some guy (Marcus) went running and his little best friend popped out to play for a moment. Just like Janet Jackson's titty, the FCC is freakin' out! Jesus Christ, it's just a fucking pimmel! It never hurt nobody! Nearly 95% of adult people either have a pimmel or have had a pimmel inside their body. Clearly everyone loves pimmel! There are more penises then there are black people and yet for some reason you don't see TV Land having pimmel marathons, but you do see that crazy pudding popper papa Bill Cosby shoving his anti-pimmel adgenda down our throats.

I understand that CBS shouldn't be showing mr. pimmel thrusting into someone's hot love pocket, but this is nothing more than a floppy friendly worm.

So if the censors are really that up in arms about pimmel, they need to keep a closer look at their shows. Then again, when pimmel wants be seen. It will be seen. Check out Marcus's pimmel below. It's just saying "hey... pimmel here." It never hurt nobody! We should embrace his pimmel, not hide it!


Mandar Malum said...

thats funny! you can blame that on the show's eitors and the FCC, because this is not a live show.

Pandora said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Sad I missed that. I'm guessing if there's ever a re-run it will be severely edited?

Poor little pimmel.