16 September 2008

The Chronicles of a Nomad Pt.1

The Chronicles of a Nomad Pt.1
Pimmel, Pokey Face, & DS Love

So power has been out from Ike since Sunday at around 5pm. Thanks to the kindness of strangers (like Pandora and her family), Mandar and I are still alive.

Let’s start with Monday. My dad leaves for work while my step-mom sleeps (from working third shift). Around noon he shows up having spent those four hours in line to buy a generator. After I eat some chips and old sandwich meat for lunch, he pulls me outside to clean up sticks and branches left from the storm. Ugh! My back still hurts from it. It wouldn’t have been so bad had I just stayed bent over the entire time. But all things considered, I did get to ride around in the back of the trailer as if I was ten again.

So after a while Mandar and I decide to go over to Pandora’s who didn’t loose electricity (just cable and internet). Her very giving mother let us scarf down loads of tacos and we were able to shower since we no longer have running water. I of course brought my iPod, my Nintendo DS (for which Pandora is now in love with), my laptop, my mobile, and every other portable device I could possibly find. Thank Zues for those or else I’d have gone crazy seeing as I don’t currently have a job and am waiting very patiently for a call from Lexington which I’m sure just won’t happen now.

So then after some Phase 10… Oh I forgot. Bahahaha. Pandora’s boyfriend got his eye royally poked out by her dad in a friendly … or not so friendly game of basketball. I shall now call him Pokey. Haha. Oh and there was this great point when he obviously tried to sound smart or funny but it just sounded gay. He had his cards out so far I could see them and I said, “You’re showing me your cards Pokey!” He responded, “Oh, you wait and I’ll show you something.” Hahaha. What is he gonna show me? Pimmel!

When we get home, we hear the generator going and go inside. My dad had it hooked up to the fridge, the TV, and a VCR, playing old episodes of Frasier he taped off television from 1997. Mandar goes to bed. I go off to write. Thus ends the first full day without power.


Pandora said...

God...my boyfriend's gay!!

Mandar Malum said...

I think he knows the jokes so well, that he starts laughing by the mere memory of what is to come.