20 September 2008

Tarkan's Gets Metamorfozed

There are couple new things in the world of Tarkan. First he has just released a companion to his amazing 2007 album Metamorfoz called Metamorfoz Remixes. Metamorfoz was and still is one the best things on my iPod at the moment. However the remix version pretty much sucks all over. My cell phone bill sucks less than this piece of shit. It's pretty much meant for all the cocaine invested gay dance clubs in Istanbul. Sadly out of a 2-disc set I honestly didn't like a single track. I'll stick to the original thank you. Oh... but hey! Check out this cover!

Tarkan has also just released one of his best songs off of Metamorfoz called "Dilli Duduk" as his next single. The video is pretty cool. Lots of computer graphics. Lots of words in Turkish. Lots of him bouncing around like a gay turkey (or at least a gay Turk).

Just before that he released this very dangerous video for "Arada Bir" where he obviously has no respect for traffic laws. Tsk tsk.

Here is another shot from his Metamorfoz Remixes cover shoot.

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Mandar Malum said...

those are defiantly nice pictures of Tarkan!