29 January 2009

Strike Three! You're Out!

Two weeks ago I found a site advertised by Shirt.Woot.Com. The site is called $6 Shirts. Pretty campy shirts, but right up my alley. So I ordered 3 shirts. See below.

Strike 1: After a week without a tracking number and the website still saying "processed", I had to phone them and ask them for it. Big shock. Hadn't shipped yet cos they were still "backed up from the holiday." Yes, they're talking about Christmas. A month after Christmas and they are backed up. He told me, "I hope you get it next week." Note: Their website says, "all orders ship within 2 business days." Mine took 7 business days. I'm willing to bet that if I had not called, they would have never shipped.

Strike 2: They finally came today and it was shipped USPS despite me being charged for UPS Ground shipping as my invoice said. For a 1.5 pound shitty bag I was charged eight dollars for shipping.

Strike 3: My "Azalea" Ganesh shirt was not Azalea. It was light pink. Not the dark pink from the picture. Nothing like what was advertised. Lucky for me the other two were fine. Click here to see what my Ganesh shirt really looked like.

Never ordering from them again. I should have known to stick with reputable well known sites like Amazon. Luckily I only paid a total of $26 dollars for two shirts I'll definitely wear and one I might on the the right day. Oh yeah, they never respond to e-mails either. An extra strike, I suppose. I would love to bitch but, they won't do anything. Their about us does say, "buy from us with caution." Tisk tisk.


Mandar Malum said...

Yeah, your shirt was anything but the color advertised... and if you have to put "buy from us with caution" on your site, people shouldn't buy from your site.

Pandora said...

Well if you don't like the pink one, I'll totally take it off your hands.