09 January 2009

Pandering To Paranoids

So sometimes the Discovery Channel and the History Channel have rather informative programing... but not always. Sometimes they run stupid shit about Nostradamus and the horrible 2012 end of world. This is about the latter.

Today at work my lovely 60-something year old assistant manager at work asked me if I ever watch the History Channel. Then she started telling me all about these amazing things that Nostradomus predicted (like 9/11 apparently lol) and other bullshit. Then she went on about how she really needs to start going to church again because apparently the universe is gonna to end on December 12, 2012.

So I rolled my eyes and she goes, "oh no, you don't understand, the Mayan calendar ends on 2012." My response was, "yeah, and my calendar ends in december of 2009 but you don't see me freaking out." She later went on about "well why on earth would they end their calendar if it wasn't the end fo the world. It's so very clear that that is when Jesus is coming back."


I really had nothing more to say. All I could do is grit my teeth at the idea that they actually peddle bullshit like this on what should be respectable scientific channels. Oh please, just pull the trigger now...

Thankfully 2012 isn't far away so people can finally shut up!

So after I wrote this short ditty of a blog, I searched "jesus return" in Google image search and oh my god, some of these images are hilarious. Here are few of the great gems.


Mandar Malum said...

haha, it is unfortunate how many people believe in the whole 2012 crap... What makes people believe that the Mayans would have had insight on when the world ends? Can people not accept that either, they just stopped making their calender, the wall ran out, or maybe they died out before they could finish their work?

Asylum Seeker said...

In fairness to the History Channel, some of the crazier subjects that they put out there usually do have a few critical, skeptical charges that they put forward. On their specials on 9/11 truthers, they were pitiless. Sometimes they don't make the criticisms loud or clear enough, though, but sometimes it doesn't matter because ifit is clearly ridiculous anyway (e.g., the Bible code stuff). But, yeah, they delve into the crazy a bit too often. Anything for ratings.

mac said...

It's funny how many people believe the Mayan Calendar :-)

Yes, their calendar ends in 2012.
So must we take that to heart?

Yes, they performed Human sacrifice.
Guess we should do that one too?

pboyfloyd said...

You ought to have asked your co-worker if she didn't think that bowing to the feathered serpent (or whatever) might be a good plan.

I liked the 'going to church more' theory. Presumably she thinks that she's a good person, just not Godly enough.