23 August 2008

Welcome To The Labyrinth

So what can you expect as you make your way though the endless expanse known as the Labyrinth? Pretty much anything. I've got an extremely diverse musical taste which I will be expanding upon throughout the posts. I have a strong abhorrence for organized religion. I'm extremely liberal. I love science so much I sometimes get wood thinking about it. I love movies and books (however I can see them as two different mediums so I won't be bitching about movie adaptations). Random things are bound to appear as you look about as well. In general I'm a sucker for anything to do with kitties (especially kitties that eat spaghetti).

As for my life, it pretty docile. I'm perfectly satisfied in my love life so there is almost never drama in that department. Usually any life drama comes from my close and extended family. I'm currently in the major of pre-law so I'm pretty well up on law and politics (which of course will be discussed here as well).

So that's pretty much it. Hope you enjoy your journey though the Labyrinth of my mind. If at any point you would like to exit the Labyrinth, simply send red sparks into the air with your wand and you will be swiftly taken away.


Mandar Malum said...

::Attempts to shoot red sparks::
Crap, my wand is not with me, I guess I am stuck in here till i can find my way out.

Pandora said...

OOoo I like the Labyrinth...Is David Bowie here with his hot pants?