26 August 2008

Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams

Tomorrow the new album from Solange comes out called Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams. Okay, I know that at first you might be thinking, 'ugh, not Bouncey's little sister.' Well cast away all your preconceived notions about Solange and take a listen. This is perhaps one the best CDs I have heard all fucking year! It really takes you back to some the best R&B and Soul from the seventies. She sounds absolutely nothing like her sister or her terrible first album from 2002.

When I first heard, I Decided, I liked it lot. It really had an old world soul to it that really spoke to me. But when I finally got my hands on the entire thing, I was blown away. The best tracks are God Given Name, Dancing in the Dark, Sandcastle Disco, Would've Been The One, and of course I Decided Pt. 2. Also, if you get a chance, download Fuck The Industry from her Myspace page. It's amazing.

If you can afford the CD, buy it! If you're poor like me, check out this link.

Now when it comes to her music videos. She's so fucking beautiful. I've never been so close to going straight in my life. This is one gorgeous woman (way better looking than Bouncey).

Solange ~ Sandcastle Disco

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