12 August 2009

We'll Drink And Dance And Sweat Right Through Our Pants

So there is this Saloon in town where all the hicks go. I don't know how the subject came up but a friend of Mandar's mentioned that this specific Saloon openly breaks the smoking ban. I confirmed this with several people at my work.

In Ohio smoking inside any public building is illegal. All bars, all restraurants, all saloons must be smoke-free. You're welcome to smoke outside though.

But not at this bar. This bar is defying the government and letting people smoke. Not just letting them smoke, encouraging them to smoke! Why, you ask?

In defiance of Obama. The hicks are breaking a state-wide smoking ban that went into effect during the Bush administration.


By the way, if you drive by said Saloon today you'll fine a for-sale sign in front.


mac said...

I still smoke.
I don't smoke in my home, but go outside - it stinks.

But, I've been known to smoke in public just to be an ass. But only if it's a smoking establishment, we still have them here...in a few places.

To do it in defiance of Obama is just stupid. Well, smoking is kind of stupid anyway, right?

Mandar Malum said...

stupid people...