13 August 2009

Child For Sale! (Short Rant)

This'll be short. Two months ago before summer quarter began I purchased my textbook for my Child Psychology class. It's my final GEC (general educational class). The textbook was $100.

First day of class I asked my professor, Dr. Kreisher, very sternly, "Are we going to actually use the textbook."

She replied, "Oh yes, absolutely."

So I pulled off the plastic wrap (which meant said textbook could not be returned for full price) and opened to chapter 1.

After two weeks of class, I hadn't used the book even once. Her class was completely lecture based. So I left the book at home as it was weighing down my bookbag. I assumed at some point I would need it.

After the full 8-week class period, I never used the book even ONCE!!!

So I go to the campus bookstore to try to sell it back, hoping for ten of fifteen bucks at the least. Nope. Nothing. They have a new addition.

So I'm fucking stuck with a book that I will never ever ever use.



mac said...

The prof is a bitch ;-)

Mandar Malum said...

grrrr indeed! It is quite annoying that they won't take it back.