06 August 2009

Clash of the (FALSE!) Gods

This'll be short. So there's this new show on the History Channel called Clash of the Gods. I've only seen the first episode which is all about Zues.

I really expected them to simply talk about the old pagan religions and never mention modern religion, specifically Christianity.

Oh no. Not only do they mention Christianity. They often treat it as if it's 100% true and accurate. For example, "Zues was seen as the one and only all powerful God... and this was two thousand years before Christ." Pfffst.

However, it's not all bad. They do not shy away from mentioning the connections between pagan myths and Christian and Jewish myths. Like comparing Zues's birth story to Jesus's.

Things like this are mentioned, "Hades is like our hell" or "Their creation myth is what the Greeks had before the availability of the book of Genesis."


It's actually quite schizo. I can't figure out from where this show's viewpoint is coming from. It's a pretty good show and is informative... but sometimes it will rub you in the wrong direction in it's clear attempt not to piss of Christians. Funny, I notice that they don't bend over backwards to appease Muslims? Funny...

Oh and I just gotta throw in this quote, "Some believe that this statue [found in Dion, Grece] could be a missing link between Greece's worship of many Gods, and the single-god philosophy of Christians and Jews... Greek's were embracing the idea of one god before the arrival of Christianity."

They seem to be treating all other religions as stepping stones to the truth, Christianity. What the fuck? As if religions have been evolving toward the perfection of the Jesus cults. ::snort::

I myself don't consider Christianity to be a single-god religion but a three god religion (father, son, ghost). I think it's convenient that they don't mention that Islam is a single-god religion... and that's the #1 first tenant of Islam (there is no other God besides Allah and Muhammad was his prophet).

Hey, maybe religions are evolving. Many gods to three gods to one god to no gods!


Mandar Malum said...

goodness... one could only hope that before too long, humanity will evolve out of its need for religion and we can look at "The True" religious texts as mythology as we do with the greek and roman gods.

mac said...

I'm with Mandar.

Modern man needs to move beyond sily superstition. It makes us look foolish and petty.

Asylum Seeker said...

I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they were just trying to explain the connections it has with a more recognizable religion (Christianity) rather than indicating that Christianity was true. Granted, though, they didn't really need to reference Christianity in particular to simply express that there were some ideas trending towards monotheism in general, because it really does give off the suggestion that they are playing favorites.