27 February 2009

Nancy Pelosi's Daughter Is One Smart Cookie!

So floating about the HBO and Showtime OnDemand Channels, I came across a couple good documentaries made by Nancy Pelosi's daughter Alexandra Pelosi. They aren't amazing but they're worth the forty minutes they each cost.

The first is called The Trails of Ted Haggard and is about what life is like for gay pastor Ted Haggard. You might be feeling a little bad for the guy for just a moment ... but then you realize, even jobless and poor as he is, he's still living a hundred times better than most people are in the world today. Not to mention, when you see him feeling bad and suicidal, just remember how many years he spent making people feel terrible about the things they were doing while he was doing the exact same thing. Perhaps Pelosi wants you to feel bad for Haggard... but I say fuck him. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck him. See trailer below.

So then there's Right America: Feeling Wrong which is just great. It's nothing but republican idiots freaking out about Obama and crying when he won. They go on and on about things like claiming he's gonna be sworn in on the Quran and that he's gonna cost all small businesses their everything. The best line in the movie was this: "There are hard working people out there, and then there are gays."First of all, everything these idiots say might seem like wacko right wing psychos but they are not. Everything they say is completely normal of the republicans I'm surrounded by and bits of the documentary are filmed only miles away from where I live. Oh, and there is also a great part where this woman goes on and on about McCain being pro-life and such. She says how important it is to have a pro-life president and that "what are we gonna do if everyone is pro-abortion and then there's nobody left on earth cos everyone got abortions." (Paraphrase) Oh yeah, cos everyone is just dying to get an abortion. Boy oh boy I wish I was a girl that way I could get pregnant and get lots and lots of abortions. They're so fun! They're like a day at the spa! *Rolls eyes*

Below is the first ten minutes of the documentary which can be seen in full on youtube. The beginning is the best part because it takes place right after Obama won and people are crying and wigging out!

So if you've got Time Warner Cable and you've got HBO, check out their OnDemand channel for some great fun. Be prepared to be very annoyed though. But just remember... Obama fucking won! WOO!


pboyfloyd said...

"There are hard working people out there, and then there are gays."

I have to go back and read or look at the rest because this, this one sentence is an insult to intelligence itself.

I can't believe that there are people willing to believe crap like that.

What's next, people even lower on the social ladder, ATHEISTS, are even slackier 'slackers'???

How about gay atheists?

Just the idea that that might be 'possible' ought to make them have strokes!

The Maze Monster said...

Yeah. I guess a gaytheist would be even worse. Lol.

pboyfloyd said...

LOL.. I can't get that movie intro to the old 007 movies out of my head..

Dan-didi dan-dan dun-dun-dun-didi dan dan

Dan-didi dan-dan dun-dun-dun didi dan-dan, dun-dun dun DAH..

"GAYtheist, he's the man.."

... and the red blood closes over the 'eye' of the 'viewer'.

Mandar Malum said...

Those damn "Rightists" they are so amusing... I particularly enjoyed the part when one guy said Obama was a socialist, and she asked him what that means, and he couldn't answer...