04 November 2010

Tarkan Is Real(er) Than God

I can't stand it when people say things like, "I have a relationship with God... it's not a religion."

No... It is.

You believe in a being that one cannot smell, touch, taste, see, or hear. The being is all powerful and perfect... except for all those mistakes he made... which were was all about of it plan... so he could get his only son killed... which doesn't make sense because if he's God then we're all his sons and daughters and therefore he obviously had billions of children.

To say you have a relationship with God is like saying I have a relatinoship with Tarkan. No matter what I may delude myself into thinking, Tarkan and I do not speak, touch, taste, see, or hear eachother. For all I know Tarkan isn't real. He's certainly "realer" than God. But maybe he's just made up... digitally animated... a computer... a figment of my immagination.

Tarkan and I don't connect. It's not a two way street. When I talk to family and friends we connect and exchanged.

It's the same with God. It's a one way street. One deluded indiviual. One nonexistant being.

... just like Tarkan.

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