01 November 2010

AFI's Crash Love ~ ...Another Review

Let me be the first to admit that I might have posted in haste when it comes to AFI's album Crash Love. Now, over a year later I would like to re-review the album again. I've said it once, I'll say it again. Sometimes you've just gotta let an artist blow their load all over your face before you can actually enjoy the CD.

Additionally, I shall also review this album in the order I have set it in my iPod, not the traditional order.

1) Torch Song ★★★★★
This is now my absolutely favorite introduction to any album ever. So much so, I actually have lyrics from it permanently tattooed on my arm... no, seriously. I fucking have the lyrics, "I saw you. Angels came to light your path. I heard you... keep their wings pressed under glass" tattooed on my shoulder. Pure perfection.

And what's better is if you research the Torch Song Trilogy is kinda makes you wonder what is going on in Davey's life... hmmm.

2) Beautiful Thieves ★★★★
My view on this track has not changed. It is my second-least favorite on the CD (not counting Veronica Sawyer Smokes... we'll discuss that later). But this is a good track. I still feel like this could be slipped into the middle of Decemberunderground and nobody would notice.

3) Medicate ★★★½
This song hasn't changed either. It's my least favorite on the album and I honestly think they choose to put this song out as the sequel so they wouldn't get noticed because there are plenty of hard hitter that could have gotten sick radio play and this was not one of them.

4) Cold Hands ★★★★½
Wow, how things have changed. This has become a huge favorite on the album. I posted earlier how much I hated this song and that I thought it was boring filler. Not so much now. I actually really love the chorus now. The lyrics are some of my favorites as well.

5) Too Shy To Scream ★★★★★
Yeah... so this is probably the most played song on my iPod throughout 2010. I blame Beyonce. You see, somebody uploaded the Single Ladies music video with this song playing instead of Single Ladies... and for some reason I loved it.

6) End Transmission ★★★★½
What I love about this song is mostly the line, "Go grab your bag I'll bring the gun." Most particularly because we used to refer to Pandora's (now ex) boyfriend Lance as 'the bag'... short for douchebag. It's okay, she calls him that now too. But anyways, we'd always talk about how this song was Davey telling Pandora to grab her bag (aka Lance) and he'd bring the gun. Bwahaha.

7) OK, I Feel Better Now ★★★★
Definitely the slowest song on the CD but it's a goodie. I don't especially go looking for this track but it flows great in my version of the list.

8) I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here ★★★★★
This is still the best song on the album. It still should have been the first single and I still love it love it.

9) We've Got The Knife ★★★★
Okay, yeah, this is technically a b-side but I think it should have been on the album. It really feels like Sing the Sorrow and when sprinkled on this album it feels right.

10) Sacrilege ★★★★
Finally Davey belts out his "fuck religion" song. What makes me laugh is how many AFI fans like to pretend this song isn't directly an attack on organized religion. Talk about delusion.

11) Too Late For Gods ★★★★½
Another track that was actually a b-side and totally should have been on the album. I love the line, "What did I tell you? I promised I'd give you a story." This song goes great after Sacrilege.

12) Darling, I Want To Destroy You ★★★★★
This is my second favorite song on the album and totally should have been the second single. I just love the part when he says, "And here's my favorite part... where you may find my heart... and I disappear." Gives me chills every time.

13) It Was Mine ★★★★★
The final track took me the longest to like. And now I just love it. Not sure what else to say... really.

And here we come to Veronica Sawyer Smokes. Wait. What? What am I talking about. There's no such song as Veronica Sawyer Smokes. If there was I'd hate it and I'd have to pretend it didn't exist. Because as long as it doesn't exist I totally love every single track Davey has put out since like forever... So yeah. Veronica Sawyer? Nope, doesn't exist. Isn't real. It's fake. Not real. ::puts fingers in ears:: Lalalalala.

Oh, a final note. I still hate the album cover but the name of the CD has grown on me. So I just substituted my own cover which is featured above.

Bottom Line: I now hold this CD as a very close second to Sing the Sorrow. Oh Davey, please forgive my sins and trespasses. I beseech you to keep me in your good graces.

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